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blah blah blah...

UIL today. wheeee....
*sigh* I really wish my headache would go away. The day of a marching contest is a bad day for headaches that make me dizzy and occasionally cause me to black out... -_-'
I took some Claritin, that usually takes care of 'em... but they won't go away.... *whine* I don't wanna have a headache whilst I try to play.... *whines some more because she can*

I also want a nap. Couldn't sleep last night. Huh. go figure. I did ML 'till almost 10 (took friggin' forever, I tell you!) and then I went to bed. Woke up a few hours later, couldn't get back to sleep (felt like crap - I HATE my sinuses) and got online for an hour or so. Then tried going back to bed. Succeeded in sleep some time after three. Woke up at 6:30.
at least I got my English homework done. I can now do nothing during homeroom whilst others vote on the homecoming king/queen/whatever. blah. Homecoming. Cute little popularity contest, that. I've only heard of a handfull of the candidates. I shall vote for our drum major, Mark (who got glasses and looks absolutely adorable in them! :D I love guys with glasses. cute 'n somewhat geeky. hehe) for homecoming king and whoever my pencil reaches first for queen, since my homeroom teacher is the devil and will not let me not vote. e_e

arrrgh, these headaches are annoying. Near-blinding, stabbing pain in the side of my head; lasts for a minute or two, then goes away. Happened while I was marching yesterday and I very nearly fell over. Meep.

On the plus side, we get to watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail in class today for English. huzZAH. I love that movie. hehe. That reminds me, I really need to buy the Crow. It's annoying to have to go rent it whenever I wanna see it. -_- and around Halloween, I just BET Blockbuster will be out of copies. I shall get me to the store... uh... tomorrow after school when I have time. Then I shall indulge my undead fetish by watching it repeatedly. Joy! :D I also need to work on the redesign for the ML page. 'Twill be a whole new format! all sorts of cool. Really. I'll try, at least. Just hope Notepad cooperates with me... -_-

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