The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain (jenni_the_odd) wrote,
The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain

another one

because crotalus_atrox is so damn cool, I steal the quiz. :D

*A - Age: 17
*B - Best friend: Michael, I 'spose
*C - Choice of Meat: umm. Dont' eat a lot of meat. *shrug*
*D - Dream Date: quiet dinner, maybe a movie.
*E - Exciting Adventure: um. I live like a hermit crab. No exciting adventures here!
*F - Favorite food: *ponders* *twitch* HUMAN FLESH! *pause* uh, I mean, anything cinnamon or peppermint! ^_^;
*G - Greatest Accomplishment: hopefully lies in the future.
*H - Happiest day of my life: Not sure.
*I - Interests: comics (including American, japanese, and online), art, writing, music of all sorts...
*J - Junk Food: I dunno. *scratches head* don't eat a lot of it.
*K - Kool-aid: lemonada.
*L - Love: ^_^ what about it? I can be extremely loving. Or deadly, depends on how badly you piss me off....
*M - Most valued possession: hmm. I suppose it'd be the people I know and care about, since I could probably stand losing any material items
*N - Name: Jennifer Alice Bravo. Jenni to most people, Jen-NEE-fer to my dad whose accent prevents him saying it normally (hehe), Jimmy to Cameron because he's a dork. :D
*O - Outfit I love: my two-skirts/tank top/fishnet/jacket -y thing. There are about five different combinations I can get with that. ^_^
*P - Pizza toppings: hamburger. None of the sausage crap! HAH!
*Q - Question I am asked the most: "Did you draw that?" and yes I did. I did.
*R - Radio station: whatever Nicole happens to turn it to (she controls my car... ;_; oh well). When I'm alone, whatever is playing a song I like
*S - Sport: I still say that if cheerleading is a sport, marching band should be, too.
*T - Television show: Anything on Adult Swim (Home Movies, the Brak Show, Space Ghost, Cowboy Bebop, etc.)... I don't watch too much else.
*U - Ur favorite song: :e_e;; stupid "Ur"... *ahem* um, it varies from moment to moment. Right about now, Michelle Branch's "I'd Rather Be In Love" is my theme song! :D
*V - Video: the Crow. Mmmmm, the undead. (Michael, I swear, the rigor mortis jokes will only make me come after YOU.)
*W - Winter: I absolutely adore winter. There's something about having your body temperature be different from the temperature around you that makes you feel alive. And I LOVE cold and rain and dark... (*moan* gothy-goth-goth-goth... blah!)
*X - Xylophone: I'm a woodwind, not a percussionist...e_O;
*Y - Year born: 1984
*Z - Zodiac Sign: Gemini

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