The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain (jenni_the_odd) wrote,
The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain

the Quest for Something-or-Other!

Jenni the Odd: haHA!
Theunruled: what?
Jenni the Odd: I have stolen the sharpie
Jenni the Odd: Brittany shall torment me no longer! :D
Jenni the Odd: oh crap
Theunruled: lol
Jenni the Odd: mommy.
Jenni the Odd: she keeps trying to sign my cleavage! O.O
Theunruled: ???
Theunruled: ok
Jenni the Odd: I don't know why
Theunruled: .
Jenni the Odd: ask her. e_O
Jenni the Odd: she says she's not...
Jenni the Odd: but I don't trust her!
Jenni the Odd: there is deceit in those eyes!
Theunruled: um
Theunruled: ok
Jenni the Odd: yeah. hrrm.
Jenni the Odd: meep.
Theunruled: i don't think i can get a close enough look into her eyes while still staying lazy
Theunruled: umm to dificult
Jenni the Odd: you Michaels and your laziness. Is it a trait that just goes with the name?
Theunruled: and who are you refering to?
Jenni the Odd: I know at least five other guys named Michael who would have given the same response.
Jenni the Odd: yesss... I can read minds! :D
Jenni the Odd: ... no reading from Mitchell..
Theunruled: um but how many would screem ni and ask for shurberys?
Jenni the Odd: shurberys? you mean...
I think. How the hell do you spell it?
Jenni the Odd: shrubberies? e_O
Jenni the Odd: and at least three of them would
Theunruled: i can't spell
Theunruled: but i can still ask for ones
Jenni the Odd: *patpat* that's allright. We love you anyway. Well, someone does. somewhere.
Jenni the Odd: somewhere... *music starts*

Theunruled: can i screem ni?
Jenni the Odd: sure.
Jenni the Odd: knock yourself out
Theunruled: can we get cocanuts and attach them to sparrows?
Theunruled: how far could one go?
Jenni the Odd: sure! :D what fun!
but it's swallows...
Theunruled: my bad
Jenni the Odd: and should we get African or European swallows?
Theunruled: we get 2 european swallows
Jenni the Odd: I see..
Theunruled: and tie them together
Jenni the Odd: and they can carry it between them
Theunruled: yes
Theunruled: :-)
Jenni the Odd: we should be locked up. @_@
Theunruled: yes but the shurbery isn't strong enough
Jenni the Odd: or...

and after the spankings, the oral sex!
Jenni the Odd: *hides*
Theunruled: ...
Jenni the Odd: I accidentally said that waaayyy too loudly to someone in the band hall. You would not BELIEVE some of the looks the percussionists gave me... e.O;
Jenni the Odd: it was pretty funny, though...
Theunruled: did you know there is a base ball park called the B.O.B.?(bank one ballpark)
Jenni the Odd: buahahahaha
Theunruled: "The BOB"
Jenni the Odd: we should make a pilgrimage.
Theunruled: ah yes
Theunruled: does that require getting up?
Jenni the Odd: the quest... for BOB!
and in the frozen lands of something-or-other, they were forced to eat Robin's minstrels. And there was much rejoicing.

it might.
Jenni the Odd: perhaps we should just send the swallows.
Theunruled: or can we use the rolly chairs and have the swallows pull us
Jenni the Odd: Yeeeeeeeeeeeesss...
Jenni the Odd: and they were forced to eat Edin. And there was much rejoicing.
Theunruled: how do you clock the speed ofan african swallow pulling a cocanut
Jenni the Odd: I don't know...
Theunruled: do you use a shotgun?
Jenni the Odd: perhaps the old man from scene 24 would know.
Theunruled: what about tim?
Jenni the Odd: he might know..
Jenni the Odd: Hmm. But he'll set us all on fire.
Theunruled: no he'll sic the bunny on us
Jenni the Odd: Who do we know who is wise in the ways of science?
hmm... Sir... Kirby! :D
Theunruled: um.. sure
Jenni the Odd: yeah
Jenni the Odd: e_e Brittany's making fun of me.
Theunruled: on what count?
Jenni the Odd: she is taunting my cleavage. e.O;; this unhealthy obsession of hers...
Theunruled: i think the story about her boyfreind is just a cover story
Jenni the Odd: possibly
Jenni the Odd: meep.
Jenni the Odd: she's freakin' out!
Theunruled: then it must be true
Jenni the Odd: she's (and I quote) "not fucking gay".
Theunruled: she's fucking gay? what?
Jenni the Odd: I don't know...
Jenni the Odd: but now I am nervous
Theunruled: umm...?
Jenni the Odd: um...
run away! run away!
Theunruled: i'd need to stand to run

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