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Things to Do:

For ML
- a Reviews page. You know, what I think of comics, movies, books, etc. Mostly online comic reviews
- finish the cast sketches for Cast pages.
- format the About page (content exists, just need to format it all for HTML)
- rework the Links page (add a bunch 'o peoples)
- make goodies for the Misc. page. :D (LJ icons, AIM buddy icons, winamp skins, etc. All sorts 'o goodess...)

For SA
- twiddle with page design (I have one, but I don't like it much. I may redo it)
- work on drawings for the characters page (there are some major revisions I'd like to put into effect, and that means a total overhaul of what I've allready got. Whee!)
- work some more on the story (I've got enough content that, assuming I get no artists block, I could keep the comic going for several years. But I want to finish it completely and polish it a bit before it goes up)
- make all kinds 'o lovely graphics. :D I want to do the majority of the site color stuff for SA in watercolor. All soft and pretty-like.

For CG3
- corner poor, unsuspecting Michael and do unspeakable things to him.
- fini- WAIT! whoops. Forget above post exists. ^_^; I meant... uh... make him discuss the plot. Yeah. That's it. 9_9;
- Seriously, make the poor boy sit down and work on the story with me. Muahah.
- Finalize character designs for Davin, Spyder, and other assorted character who I DON'T draw every five minutes.
- make graphics. All cel-style CGs...
- re-re-re-re-do site design. I always manage to get sick of the CG3 site design. Someday I'll be happy with it. Maybe. Probably not.
- do thumbnail sketches of the pages (up to at least 20 before I start posting content on the KS site and spamming the living daylights out of everyone with the URL)

- WORK ON THE DAMNED STORY. I have what amounts to three or so storylines, but I need more. Much more.
- finalize all character designs (Wade changed a few times, but I think everyone else is gonna pretty much stay the same)

*cracks knuckles* yes, I will be a busy creature. *purrs*
I've pretty much decided on the coloring methods for all the comics, now that I've found out that coloring on the computer doesn't suck up THAT much time, even with a mouse:

ML will continue to be a full-color comic done in Photoshop
SA will more than likely be inked, and done in grayscale on the computer (anyone know of good programs or downloadable plugins/filters for Photoshop 5.0 that make nice screentone patterns?)
CG3 will be full color in Photoshop
HBH will be inked and shaded with pencil (something like Megatokyo. Only by me. And therefore messier. @_@)

*wanders away*

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