The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain (jenni_the_odd) wrote,
The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain

My noose came undone...

so sad. When I see Michael next I shall harrass him until he redoes it for me (or, more realistically, I'll ask him nicely and if he feels like it, he might retie it for me. I have the hardest time really trying to demand something from him.) I needed to keep something in the loop, when I fell asleep it fell prey to my Cleavage of Doom (I lose more necklaces.. really..) and undid itself.

I was accepted into U of H. My mom was happy - she was worried I wouldn't get in anywhere, I suspect. I was kind of wondering that, m'self. I think I mentioned that last year I royally fucked myself over, gradewise. I dunno what the hell was wrong with my head; I just didn't care. At all. About anything. For a lot of that year, I wanted to die. So I guess that's why the grades went down the tubes, leaving me with a class rank of about 352 out of 500. However, I've got no one to blame but myself, and since there's no way to change it now I might as well just deal with it and let life happen as it will.
Mom likes UT because it's a good school, and hopefully - she thinks - big enough for me to find someone to hang out with.
I like UT because it's a good school, and it's a big one in a big city. It's so easy to lose yourself in big places like that, where you don't have to have a deeper intimacy in any relationship than "excuse me" or a slight nod of the head to people you see only every now and then; where there's always someplace to wander off to, some way to distract yourself that doesn't require a gang of friends. If they accept me, I'll go. I'll know several other people (at least two Michaels, and numerous people from my current school) but odds are I'll never see them. I intend to be either in class, in the library studying, in my dorm, or, if my roommate is annoying or always present, I shall locate a coffee house or bookstore where I can hide. I thought I just didn't enjoy social situations with the people I was around all the time. Turns out I just don't enjoy social situations, period. Exceptions to that are extremely few to the point of being practically nonexistant.

I think I almost yelled at poor Nicole when she asked me to take her to another concert. RX Bandits are plaing in Houston on my mother's birthday - Nicole assumed she couldn't go. Turns out my mom will be out of town, and she gave Nicole permission to go after all. Much to her dismay, I said there was no way in hell I would be taking her to a concert, regardless of who it was, when it was, or where it was. She was quite unhappy. One of her friends will probably be able to take her, though. So everyone's happy. Sort of. Close enough.

Got the character sketches done for all the main characters of ML. Had fun with body types. Mak is curvy, not really fat, but definitely not a twig. Karen is a twig, I actually based her body shape on one of our teensy little flute freshman chickys. Matt is based loosely on a couple of guys I know, and he's scrawny but oh-so-cute. Jared is a loose combination of two or three other guys, he's not nearly so scrawny as Matt, a lot mroe muscle-y, and he's got a bit of a tummy. ^.^ so cute.
Someone sent me an email... *L* Referring to Matt, and I quote:

"He's just a.....a.....a SEXY BITCH!"

*cackle* yes. yes he is.

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