The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain (jenni_the_odd) wrote,
The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain

shamelessly stolen from elcarpeto...

1. First name: Jennifer
2. Middle name: Alice (no one ever suspects me of being an Alice)
3. Last name: Bravo
4. Nickname(s): Jenni, Jen, Jen-NEE-fer (dad's accent)
5. Screen names: Jenni the Odd, Gundam Bravo
6. Gender: female
7. Age: 17
8. Type of Music: all kinds I like to sing along.
9. Birthdate: May 24th, 1984
10. Birthplace: Houston, Texas.
11. Zodiac sign: Gemini
12. Current location: Houston, Texas
13. Live with: parents, three younger siblings, my abuelita, a cat, and a hamster.
14. Name of current school: Hell. Um, I mean, MHS. Yeah.
15. Grade/Year(if in college): Senior in High School.
16. Graduation date/year: 2002 if all goes as planned. My last day of school is my 18th birthday.
17. GPA: Low. I suck.
18. Height: 5'10'' or so.
19. Hair color: dark brown, contains every natural hair color possible (mostly reddish tints in the right light, black if I'm out in the sun too much)
20. Highlights/dyed: never.
21. Hair length: long. Over 3 feet.
22. Eye color: brown
23. Contacts/glasses: glasses. Can't see without 'em.
24. Freckles: none
25. Birthmark(s): a few. *points*
26. Scar(s): a few on my knees from when I was younger, a few on my arms from last year.
27. Type(s) of clothes you wear: Um, I dunno. Gothicky, I guess.
28. Cologne/Perfume you wear: I don't really wear perfume.
29. Deodorant you use: whatever I happen to have around.

Family Life

30. Mom's name: Robin
31. Dad's name: Cesar
33. Closest family member: I guess my sister.
34. Family member you could live without: if necessary, all of them.
35. Last family member you've seen: My brother just went to bed.
36. Oldest: Probably my abuelita - she's 83, I believe.
37. Youngest: My youngest sister, Emma. Or I suppose my cousin Alex in England, he's about two.
38. Family member who lives the farthest away: I don't know which is further - Peru or Germany.
39. Fondest memory: those ridiculous plays my siblings and I used to write and perform.
40. Memory you miss the most: I don't really remember. Before Nicole became such a punk and Gabriel was a jerk.
41. Family member you wish the mafia would kill: none of 'em.
42. Memory you wish you had: I dunno.
43. What you did yesterday: I think we strayed from the 'family' topic. Uh, went to school. Went home. Yeah.
44. What you did so far today: went to school. Came home.
45. Last person you talked to on the phone: Kelsey (she's the only one who ever calls. I hate the phone. See previous rant)
46. Last person you talked to online: KK.
47. Last movie you've seen: Nicole was watching Clerks in here earlier. I sorta listened to some parts of it.
48. Last song you heard on the radio: Linkin Park's "Crawling". I deem that my theme song.
49. Last CD you played: Savage Garden
50. Last thing you said out loud: "Gabriel, get the fucking kitty off my - OW! - head"
51. Last time you showered: this morning
52. Last book you read: I don't remember. How sad.
54. Last time you sang: today. I love to sing.
55. Last time you danced: I took ballet when I was about four. Since then, never if I could help it.
56. Last thing you ate/drank: ate? I think I ate some lunch a few days ago. Drank? some Dr. Pepper for lunch today.

Believe it or Not

57. Aliens: Sort of.
58. Angels: I'd like to
59. Demons: see above
60. Heaven & Hell: see above
61. God: see above
62. Your friends: I believe that the people I would define as friends could possibly exist.


64. Best friend: Uh... Michael, I guess.
65. Last friend: wha? 'last' friend? I dunno. Maybe Emily. it's to the point where I try to avoid she and Liz.
66. Funniest: Depends.
67. Silliest: Again, depends. You've not seen silly until you've seen David or Alan on band crack.
68. Loudest: Emily when she screams. Damn, she's always sick, but at the very least, we know her lungs are in working order.
70. Stupidest: most of them have, at some point or another, qualified for this title.
71. Sweetest: Michael. And Alan. and KK. KK's strange, but he's such a sweetheart.
72. Weirdest: Michael. Definitely Michael. Yeeeah.
73. Best at keeping secrets: I dunno. I don't have any secrets.
74. Most hyper: Alan on Crack. (not necessarily the drug. Just when he's extremely awake)
75. Most annoying: I try to avoid annoying people.
76. Friend you miss: Kara. Sort of. She was my best friend, but even then we weren't really that close.
77. Friend you've known the longest: Michael and Chad...
78. Friend you haven't known long: Kelsey

Word Association

79. Bill Clinton: SNL
80. Lollipops: the table (there's a few sitting on the table by my purse)
81. Whipped Cream: strawberries
82. Dreams: sleepless nights, just lying in bed thinking; being so tired and still unable to sleep
83. Love: tears, bitterness.
84. South Park: 8th grade
85. Guys: the guys in band
86. Girls: Emily and Liz. And a wrinkling of the nose accompanies this word, as well. My gender sucks.
87. Death: emptiness
88. Bubble gum: pink. Now, dental gum, that stuff is good.
89. Water: home
90. Ice Cream: that time Nicole and I kidnapped Chase and Eric and took them out for ice cream.
91. Oil: cars
92. Phone: *hiss*
93. Food: trying to remember the last time I ate. *shrug* eh.
94, Kiss: thinking how I've never been kissed, probably never will be
95. Pretzels: crunchy.
96. Britney Spears: annoying
97. School: do I gotta?
98. Floppy: the fact that our disk drive functions again
99. Shoes: my boots

Have you ever (FYI answer yes or no)

100. Been on a plane: yes
101. Cried in public: I think. A long, long time ago.
102. Climbed a tree: yes
103. Gotten in a physical fight: yes
104. Drank alcohol: yes
105. Fell asleep in a movie theater: yes
106. Driven a car: yes
107. Been arrested: no
108. Broken curfew: yes, but I called in beforehand. I dunno if that counts.
109. Been pulled over when driving: no
110. Farted in public: probably.
111. Met a celebrity: no
112. Skipped school: not really. I've faked being sick a few times.
113. Went to a pro sports game: yes
114. Met the president: no
115. Been scared to get shot: no
116. Smoke a cigarette: no
117. Gotten a cavity: yes
118. Done any drugs: no
119. Shopped at Abercrombie & Fitch: no. God no.
120. Gone skinny-dipping: no, for the sake of others.


121. Food: I dunno. It's food. *shrug*
122. Drink: ginger ale, lately/
123. TV show: Invader Zim, Home Movies, the Brak Show, Cowboy Bebop
124. Movie: the Crow, Vampire Hunter D, Dogma, Fight Club
125. CD: I dunno.
126. Song: too many to list.
127. Color: black, blue, silver
128. Day of the week: Froopsday.
129. Month: December-February. I love winter.
130. Number: everyone loves 69... really, I don't have a favorite number.
132. Favorite Car: Michael's car is warm and comfy. I like mine when there's no one else in it.
133. Cookie: oatmeal raisin. Mmm. raisin-y goodness.
134. Toothpaste: whatever happens to be there.
135. Ice Cream: peppermint. Or cinnamon. Mmm.
137. Candy bar: don't have one.
138. TV channel: don't watch too much TV...
139. Radio station: I rarely listen to the radio anymore. My sister controls the music.
140. Artist/band: too many to list.
141. Shampoo/conditioner: cheap-o stuff from Walgreens.
143. Website: I rather like ML now. There's oh-so-many good sites out there I love though.
144. Sports to play: I dunno.
145. Sports to watch: none
146. Place: my mind, curled up in a corner
147. Vacation spot: Colorado. Somewhere empty.
148. Kind of candle: doesn't matter.
149. Color eyes: not too picky. Eyes that change color fascinate me. I've been known to stare people down because they have cool eyes.

I told you, when I get bored, I take surveys.

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