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yet another survey-thing: the Childhood Test!

Shamelessly stolen from demonikgurl22

1. What did you wish your name was?
Just something not "Jennifer". There was always at least one other Jennifer in my classes.
2. Did you have an imaginary friend?
Sometimes I think they've all been imaginary. But no, not really. Oddly enough, I used to wish I did have one. But apparently not even the imaginary kids liked me. e.O
3. If yes, what was his/her name?
See above.
4. Did you want to get married?
yes. 9_9 There was a boy at my church, we decided we'd get married when we grew up. It was disgustingly cute. He's a computer programmer now, I talk to him sometimes online. hehe.
5. How many kids did you want to have?
I dunno. Probably two, a boy and a girl. Once my mom had Gabriel I began to think "Okay, three kids - that's overkill". I still think that if any man should ever convince me to breed I'd either want two kids or a whole lot of them. I came from a big family and if my kids would be anywhere near as strange as I was growing up (and I would never marry a 'normal' guy... genetics decrees the kid will be a freak!) and I know big families can be a LOT of fun. A lot of hassle, yes... but fun.
6. What did you want their names to be?
I dunno. I would have wanted to name the boy Matthew after the guy I was going to marry, I think.
7. What kind of a perfect life did you want to live?
I wanted to be a veterinarian. And a paleantologist. *L* I loved dinosaurs.
8. What kind of house did you want to live in?
Didn't matter much to me.
9. Did you play with dolls or army toys?
I had barbies (of course) and I would act out all sorts of drama with them - and I also had this kickass Tyrrannosaurus Rex that I loved dearly. Nicole broke it. 9_9 and when I was about 7 and up, I had my clay, which I absolutely adored. But my barbies would kill each other - does that count as dolls or army toys? e.O
10. What was your most favorite toy's name?
I don't recall that it had one.
11. Who was your childhood hero?
I didn't really have too many... there was the girl who discovered the first, most full Ichthyosaur (I just know i'm gonna misspell all these dinosaur names. I used to be able to spell pachysephalosaurus without batting an eye. Now I can't remember whether that 'o' is supposed to be an 'a' or not) fossil in a cave by the beach. I always thought she was cool...
12. What was your favorite article of clothing?
When I was younger my mom would dress me and I'd usually go along without complaint - but I hated dresses (I was always getting messy and was your average tomboy. I just didn't like dresses). When I got older I had a few shirts I liked, but nothing extraordinary.
13. Who did you want to be like when you grew up?
A vet/paleantologist.
14. Who were some of your best friends?
Didn't have a lot of friends. I hung out with Ben, who moved away ;_; , Michael (not neonid or orochimike, this was yet ANOTHER Michael), and Jonathan. They were cool. We'd pretend we were dinosaurs at recess. :} Roawr. Even then I didn't get along with the girls too well. I did have one girl-buddy anmed Betty. People teased her a lot, too. And waaaayyy back a girl names Jaqueline whomoved away. Dammit! All my friends move away. *grumble*
15. How old were you when you learned to ride a bike?
I figured out a tricycle around age three. I don't remember when the bike thing happened; my mom wouldn't let me go anywhere so it wasn't that big a deal - no new freedoms with the wheels.
16. How did you feel?
I was a little nervous, but I got used to it. I skinned my knees a few times, but even then I didn't like to cry, so I was pretty calm about it.
17. What was your favorite food?
I have no idea.
18. Who was your favorite baby-sitter?
The only baby-sitter I really had was my aunt and uncle, or sometimes I'd spend the night at my grandparents' house. That was always fun. ^_^ When I was a bit older we had a neighbor girl named Julie (she went to Memorial and played softball, as I recall) who would keep an eye on us. She was cool.
19. What did you think it would be like to drive a car?
I never thought about it much. But when I did, I was kind of afraid of being responsible for the lives of others - I was a morbid kid.
20. Did you ever own anything that had to do with My Little Ponies, Rainbow Brite or G.I Joes?
Yes. *L* I loved Rainbow Brite. And My Little Ponies... I taught myself how to braid by practicing on their tails. e.O
21. Did you play with Barbie and Ken dolls?
I played with 'em occasionally... more when Nicole came along.
22. Did you play with baby dolls?
Not too much, but a little bit. I taught myself how to sew to make clothes for them.
23. Did you ever have one of those play kitchens?
Yes indeedy. Well, I had to share with Nicole. But it was all cool. We used that thing SO MUCH... it finally pretty much fell apart. O.O
24. Did you ever own a Cozy Coupe?
whazzat? e.O
25. Do you remember shows like Ducktales, Tale Spin, Gummi Bears or Lunch Box?
YES! buahahahaha. hah. I loved Ducktales. :D
26. Did you ever own a Power Wheels car?
27. Did you ever watch the show Puff the Magic Dragon?
Yeeeeeess... *insane laugh* I can still recite most of it. So can Nicole and Gabriel. :D
28. Who was your favorite pet?
We had two dogs (who, I discovered when I was older, were named after Satan - Mephastopholus, and I KNOW I spelled that wrong, and Lucifer. We called 'em Mephy and Lucy. My family is WEIRD). And after a time we had a hamster. And we used to have a fish that seemed immortal because it lived for seven years or so. Its name was Tiger Lily (like from Peter Pan!). It was a gold and black tiger-stripey goldish. ^_^
29. Did you ever believe in Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny?
For a short time. Once Nicole came around I started asking to help out in the early mornings before she got up so my parents wouldn't have to do all the work.
31. How did you feel when you learned how to tie your shoe finally?
It happened pretty suddenly. I remember one day I decided I was going to tie my shoes NO MATTER WHAT. We were about to leave for somewhere, and I told my mom to wait, went and knelt behind the couch, and tied my shoes. I was proud of me.
32. Did you ever have one of those slap-on wristbands?
Yes I did. Those things were/are so annoying! ^_^
33. Did you ever wear stick-on earrings?
Yeah, because my mom wouldn't let me get my ears pierced until I was 11 or 12.
34. Write down one specific memory that you have never forgotten of your childhood:
The last day before Christmas break, my class was having a party and the teacher left the room while we were picking sides for some game. I was the last one left and they fought over me. Finally the girl I hated SO MUCH just said "No one wants Jennifer, she's too stupid and ugly". So I sat out. 9_9 I hated private schools.

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