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Well, this is slightly disturbing.

Was wandering around in pro_anorexia, following a link from someone else's LJ...

Damn. There are times when I eat less in a week than some of those girls do in a day. e_O that's a bit unnerving.
I wish people (my mom, the girls in my Networking class...) would stop giving me a hard time about what and how much I eat. >_< When I get hungry, I eat until I am not hungry any longer. I would hate to intentionally starve myself. Ugh. >_< I'm weak; I wouldn't be able to go through with it if I wanted to.
*grumble* for the last friggin time, people.. I am not anorexic! I do NOT want to look like that! ugh! Ick! eewww...
I've seen girls look at pictures in magazines of women who have practically no mass whatsoever; they're skin and bone. No curves. Just skeletal-ness. And they say they want to look like that.
I would NEVER want to look like that. When did the "Holocaust" look become "in"? Because I find it sickening. Personally I think curvy women are much more beautiful...
lemme see if I can think of an example.
Anyone read Strangers in Paradise, by Terry More?
Francine. The one who is always obsessed about her weight - I'm with Katchoo on this, she's gorgeous. And I'd love to look like that.
My 'target weight' and 'ideal size' aren't absolutely ridiculous. I have broad shoulders, wide hips, and I am big-boned. No matter how much weight I lose, that's not gonna change. And so there's not even the faintest possibility I could ever look like those models - ever. I'm fine with that. I don't want to be 80 pounds and wear a size 1. With my height and bone structure, under 150-160 would be technically underweight.
I'd settle for a size 10 or 12. (with my height, that's actually as small as I'd fit into without having to go to great lengths to find extra-tall stuff)
Hell, a 14 would be nice.
Emily was always griping about her looks, how she was 'so fat'. Granted, she's gained weight since last year (no more eating disorders, I think), but yeesh. She's gorgeous. I would love to look like her. She's got a great figure - well-proportioned, with broad hips and a fairly small waist, though she's a bit thicker now. But very, very pretty.

And I just had to go make dinner (well, supervise my father so he doesn't burn down the house as he attempts to fry an egg), so I completely lost my train of thought.
But I just at some M&Ms. TAKE THAT! BUAH!
I don't know how much is in them, but I'm sure they're full of all sorts of bad things. So there. HAH.
Now where'd my water bottle go? Nicole always drinks it. >_< No wonder I always get sick when she does...
I did break down and get an account at . Now I can have proof that I am not starving myself! HAH!
... note to self: stop consuming under 400 calories a day.. *wanders off to find something to eat* :D

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