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Well, we went to CiCis. wheeee. Nicole ditched me to ride with Michael (She told me she's going to try her damndest to make him like her, then she's going to find some way to shave his head. I told her to leave his hair alone! Am I the only one who likes his hair? yeesh). Once we got there, I felt like crap (headache first, then with the nausea), so I wound up eating a tiny piece of spinach pizza (mmmm, spinach) and then spent the rest of the time there trying very hard to keep it down. >_< The people in my car and I escaped the group picture and headed back to band, where my head felt like it would split. By the end of the practice, though, the headache had gone. yay.

After band, we were heading out when Nicole's friend encountered Michael. I turned around to see them messing around, and hung around to watch Michael eventually throw the contents of his water cooler-thing all over Eric. 'Twas funny. Then Nicole got a picture. I'm going to want doubles on almost every shot from that camera....

After the dousing, we were getting ready to leave when Nicole and Kelly revealed that a sock they'd found in the CiCi's parking lot (eeeyewwww!) was still in Michael's car. They tied it around the hood ornament. It was pretty funny. Somehow or other after that we all wound up standing/sitting around the benches in front of the parking lot, chatting. Well, they did most of the chatting. ¬ ¬;; I just sorta stood there. I'm fairly dull and not overly witty so I sometimes have trouble in conversations - so I just shut up. It started to unnerve me a little that my sister got along better with my best friend than I usually do... Oh well. She gets along with everyone. In our family, as far as the women go, Nicole got the personality (and enough cute genes to get away with whatever she damn well pleases) and Emma's gonna get the looks (We suspect she's gonna grow up looking like our mother when she was young - she could have been a model, I think she was, for a short time) and I got... er... um.... I don't know.
Eventually we headed home, Nicole and I took Kelly to her house, then I dropped Nicole at home and took Tish's sketchbook to her. I then came home, showered (I felt groady... ick), and proceeded to sleep for about five hours. I then woke up and got online.

So how was YOUR day?

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