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So bored.
We're making lesson plans for our favorite teachers in Mutli-media. And while I love my Webmastering teacher to death (She's so much fun. ^_^), my English teacher will more than likely have more stuff to put on a lesson plan. And she's just so sweet and fun. ^_^ The kind of teacher you'd want for an aunt of a grandmother, if that makes any sense. 'Cause she's just that cool.
But I can't meet with her to discuss the lesson plan until after school today. Poo. That means I can't really do anything in class until then, so I just have to sit here and look busy.
Hehe. Drew is playing some more with filters. It's all trippy. @_@
Not quite as trippy as Greg's stuff, though. Who needs drugs when you've got Greg and a copy of Photoshop... O.o;;
I can't wait for the comic he and John are gonna make to come out though. It'll be on Keenspace, probably... Greg's a frikkin' funny guy, and so I'm looking forward to some interesting stuff. He says it'll be up by Christmas. I hope so. :D
In Other News, it's time for me to draw fanart for Boy Meets Boy and Eat the Roses (Tabitha for BmB, and probably Gabriel for EtR. whee!)

I really like these clothes. Oh yes... I will wear my RenFair finds until they fall apart. Then I shall mend them and wear them some more. Nyahahhahaha. hah. Yeeees.
Makenzie will wear them as well. I am SO gonna do a plotline where they all go to RenFair.
mmmmm, sexy barbarians in black leather/spiky armor...
*ahem* Y'know, Michael, if you ever want to go to RenFair in a costume.... 9_9 *looks all innocent*

hehehehehhehehehehehe. Yes. I shall draw Kaen dressed like that. Then you all can drool. There's just something sexy about a guy who can handle his sword. ^_~ (insert horrible bad sword-as-a-euphumism-for-penis joke here)

We were reading poetry in English. Normally I hate poetry, but apparently I'm a sucker for the Renaissance lyric love poems. ^_^; There was one we read called "The passionate shepherd to his love" or some such... I forget who it was by, I'll type it in later when I have access to my English textbook (note to self - I've got English homework). I drew Makenzie in this pretty dress-thing. I'll ink and scan later. But yeah, she looks really pretty. e_O And she was always supposed to be the 'un-pretty' one. Oh well... that died real quick. She can be obnoxiously cute. Might as well exploit it...

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