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Giving thanks...

This being Thanksgiving and all, I'd like to take the time to just say some things to the people who are likely to read this who mean the most to me. Keep in mind that if I leave you out it does not in any way mean you are unimportant; it merely means I have a short attention span and limited time at the computer. ^_^;; so first a big sappy hug to you all.

My Family - Yeah, they're probably never gonna see this. But as anyone who has met my family knows, I am NOT the 'weird' one. We're ALL like this. Our theory is that it's genetic. *snicker* My dad says it's not, but he's plenty weird himself; just quiet about it.
My mother told me how she had a great deal of trouble convincing her mother that she was doing the right things raising us - letting us speak our minds and whatnot. I'm so very glad she did. She and my father both work so very hard and they have so very little time to themselves. Mom, Dad, I love you both.
My abuelita... She's in the final stages of cancer now, and this will most likely be her last Thanksgiving and Christmas with us. I love her so very much and there's not enough time in the day when we're both home and awake for me to hug her and tell her that. Abuelita, te quiero.
My siblings... yes, someday we WILL take over the world. Trust me on this one. hehehehehee... Seriously, muchos hugs to you guys too. I love ya.
Michael - I love you. *shrug* plain and simple. And I'm thankful you're my friend. *hug* Life would be quite boring without you. I could wax poetic here, but I've just said the basics, so I think I'll shut up now. ^_^
Kelsey and Evan - I listed you two together because I'm starting to think of you as one person! aaah! *snicker* Seriously, you're both wonderful people and each of you deserves someone as great as the other. I don't know whether or not I butchered that sentence as much as I think I did, but oh well... Love you both.
Jenn - Ah, Jenn, you're one of the sweetest people I've ever met. You're entitled to a lot more happiness than you seem to get, and all I can do is offer hugs and a shoulder to lean on. And the occasional tickling. BUahahahaa... yees... *hug*
Lost - Lost, m'dear, we've got to work on your self-esteem problems. *chuckle* You're a really cool guy, once you get past the 'I suck, mope mope mope' bit. You need to acknowledge that every now and then. (oh yeah, look who's talking. 9_9 shaddup! hehe) *many hugs*
Mike, Chad, 'n KK - You guys kick ass. Really, you do. Add to that, you're all just so damned sweet. ^_^ mah buddies.
Tish - Tish, you just plain rock. And I don't mean just that your art rocks or your characters rock, I mean you kick so much ass. You do. ^.^
Hilary, Kristina, Sexy David, Drew, and all the other people from school or other places who might stop by - I love you guys too. People at school, you're like my younger siblings. And like I said, we WILL take over the world. Buahahhahaha... yeees... People not at school, you're more like older siblings. And ditto to the world-domination bit. *grin* NOOGIES MEAN YOU DON'T SUCK! *noooooogie* hehe. ^_~

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