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I am so utterly bored right now.
What's most annoying is that there's plenty I COULD be doing. But I don't really want to.
I could be working on thumbnails for ML, CG3, or SA. Or even HBH, though that comic seems to have stagnated somewhat.
I could be doing the update for ML early, or even getting ahead on the pages.
I could be doing the fan art I've been wanting to do for no less than a dozen comics.
I could be working on designing and implementing the HTML for the web pages for CG3 and SA.
I could be working on the numerous drawings I owe Kelsey. ^_^;;
I could actually be taking notes for Networking. Bah.
I could be cleaning up around here. It's always messy and my mom hates that. I tell her she has a house full of creative, messy people. She can either have that, or have a nice, clean, empty one. She's starting to lighten up on being a mess Nazi since I think she's realizing I'm not gonna be here too much longer. mmm, college.

I'm so bored.

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