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My Purpose in Life...

*le sigh* I need to write a 300-word essay on my purpose in life.

Do I have a purpose in life? I don't think so....
For a long time I thought,if nothing else, I was here to help people. I was here to comfort them when they had a problem, talk them through it, help them as best I could. But I had limited experience, and natural wisdom only gets one so far. (that sounded conceited... but people have called me wise on several occasions. You'll notice I never said I was smart.) So they turned to someone else when they had problems; people better suited to helping them. And I needed a new purpose in life.
I turned to art, to creating. My stories... my babies. They're so much a part of me. Every character seems like they are some facet of my imagination and personality - and that scares me a little, since there's over 200 that I've planned out exstensively and they're all unique... But I can lose myself in fictional worlds, take comfort in dealing with problems and issuse of fictional people. Those who have read some of my plans tend to notice my tendancy to be quite unfair to the characters... There are no happy endings in my universes. People die, those who are left suffer greatly. whoopeee....
It damned on me after a while that no one cared. Sometimes, even I didn't care about the stories anymore. I could sit and stare at the paper, unable to think of a single thing to write or draw and unable to even summon the energy to lift my pencil and try. Obviously, this purpose in life wasn't a very good one.

I admit it.. I even tried that old standby, the crush. I'm not happy about that, I know it was foolish. But I loved him... still do, perhaps I always will. And he didn't care. Sometimes it seemed he didn't even want me around. This depressed me a bit, as he was the closest thing to a best friend that I had. I would have done anything to make him happy - and I still would. But he doesn't need me. So I suppose I need to find a new purpose in life.
Wandering aimlessly is a lot less fun than it looks.

hmm... that appears to be around 300 words or so. *cuts 'n pastes*
Hey, she can't be expecting Pullitzer material here. It's only summer school, after all.

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