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Shamelessly stolen from jenndolari
A Random Survey-Quiz-thing! :D

1) Full Name: Jennifer Alice Bravo
2) Name Backwards: Ovarb Ecila Refinnej. I think I like that better, actually... e.O
3) Were you named after anyone? Nope.
4) Does your name mean anything? It means "fair" or "white wave", 's a derivative of Guenivere, or however you spell it.... *glances in a mirror* lessee, dark hair/eyes, tan skin... Um, someone wasn't paying attention to genetics when they named me. 9_9 (dad is Peruvian, mom has blond hair and blue eyes)
5) Nick Name(s): Jenni (most common), Jenn, Jen-NI-fer (dad has an accent. ^_^), Ye Olde Busty Tavern Wench (Chase called me that and it amused me to no end), any number of other things.
6) Screen Name(s): Gundam_Bravo, Jenni_the_Odd, or either of those without the underscores. I'm almost always Jenni_the_Odd.
7) Date Of Birth: May 24th, 1984.
8) Place of Birth: Houston, Texas. Y'all.
9) Nationality: 1/2 Peruvian, 1/2 good old American mutt.
10) Current Location: Still in Houston, Texas. Meep.
11) Sign: Gemini, I think. But I don't really believe in astrology...
12) Religion: confused. @_@ I'm pretty sure there is a God, I just think the church has things a bit messed up.
13) Height: Five foot 10 inches.
14) Weight: I ain't tellin'. I'm losing weight, though.
15) Shoe Size: 13 in womens, 12 or 13 men's, depending on the sort of shoe. Usually a 13. I hate women's shoes. ^_^;
16) Hair color: Black with natural reddish/blondish highlights, used to turn black if I was in the sun too long, now it lightens. I dunno.
17) Eye color: Plain 'ol brown. But my eyes are rather large, I've been told. O.O
18) what do you look like? Oooooogly. Or so I think.
19) Innie or Outie? Innie.
20) Righty, Lefty, or Ambidextrous? Righty.
21) Gay, Straight, Bi, or Other? I forget where I heard this, but it tends to be true: I love guys, but girls are cuter naked. Hey, 's the truth. ^_^ I could never date girls, though... as a sex, we're quite annoying. I have to wonder how men put up with us...

Who is your...
22) Best friend(s): Michael.
23) Best friend you trust more than anyone: Er, that'd be Michael again.
24) Best friends {your sex}: Kelsey (I don't like girls. ^_^)
25) Best friends of the Opposite Sex: Michael... And let's toss in Alan, Mike, Chad, and KK. ^_^
26) Best Bud(s): buds? e.O I dunno. My sister and her crew.
27) Boyfriend / Girlfriend: None. Hopelessly devoted to Michael, though. ^_^;;
28) Crush: *cough*MICHAEL*cough*. Yeah. Subtlety never was a strong point of mine...
29) Parent(s): Cesar and Robin.
30) Worst Enemy: M'self. @_@
31) Favorite on-line Guy(s): Michael (I talk to him more online than I do face-to-face, what can I say...) Lost... Um... *scratches head* I dunno.
32) Favorite on-line Girl(s): Jenn, Kelsey, Um... probably lots of people I'm forgetting because I don't chat online all that much no more. -__-;
33) Funniest friend: Either Michael when he's in a silly mood, Alan when he's on crack, or all of my sister's group en masse. SO FUNNY, that lot.
34) Craziest friend: See above. I am amused by zany antics.
35) Advice Friend: Michael
36) Loudest Friend: Nicole's group, no doubt about it. *snicker* Michael can yell pretty loud, but he's generally a quiet person.
37) Person you cry with: I don't really cry that much... but I 'spose Michael.

Do You Have...
38) Any sisters: Two younger sisters - ages 14 and 6
39) Any brothers: Younger brother, age 12
40) Any pets: Mah kitty. ^_^ *purr* he loves me, er, sometimes. Apparently, I taste good. e.O We've also got a hamster; the cat thinks he's a snack.
41) Disease? Not to my knowledge. e.O
42) A Pager: ugh, no.
43) A Personal phone line: For the computer. I hate the phone. (see the Phone Rant)
44) A Cell phone: Yes. I hate the blasted thing, but my abuelita is in the last few months of her life - and my mom wants to be able to reach me at all times, just in case.
45) A Lava lamp: Nope.
46) A Pool or hot tub: Pool. I love to swim. I am a fiiiish... *wriggle*
47) A Car: My beloved Tahoe. How I love my car. *purr*

Describe Your...
48) Personality: Er, it varies. Generally I suppose I'm honest... a little goofy, pretty good at getting along with people. When agitated, I can be cranky and something of a bitch. @_@ I try not to be, though...
49) Driving: I love driving. I prefer to drive alone, though my sister is usually in the car. 'S fun to drive on long roads, windows down, music blaring. ^_^ I do tend to drive pretty safely, though - speed limit or just under, etc.
50) Car or one you want: I love my Tahoe. White. Messy on the inside from giving a few too many rides to most of the people in band. Hell, half the stuff in it isn't mine. e.O
51) Room: My room is large, my bed is squishy and comfy and I love it so. ^_^ I have an old beat-up blue chair that my mother absolutely HATES, but I refuse to get rid of it. It's so comfortable and squeaks in all the right ways. That sounds weird, but it's a comforting sound.
52) Closet: Ummm... *snicker* I looked in it this morning and realized it's mostly black now. heehee... yeah. My room used to be some sort of playroom ('s why it's so big and is the upstairs) so it has four closets. One has my clothes, one has art supplies and old costumes (my entire family does is this strange), one has.... junk my mother put there, and one houses the water heater.
53) School: I'm in my senior year of high school. Applied to University of Texas at Austin, Texas A&M, and University of Houston. I got into U of H, I hope to get into UT.
54) Bed: It's squishy. :D
55) Relationship with your parent(s): We're on good terms. I rarely see my dad, but we get along. With my mom, it's less a mother-daughter relationship than a sort of 'friend' thing.
56) Believe in yourself: Not really...
57) Do you believe in love at first sight? Not so much.
58) Consider yourself a good listener: What? Um, I mean, yes. ^_^
59) Consider yourself a good friend: I try. ._.
60) Get Along with your parents: Indeedy.
61) Save your e-mail conversations: I save important ones as itty-bitty text files. I save AIM conversations, though. *cackle* I could probably put a few certain people in jail, now that I think about it...
62) Pray: No... not really.
63) Believe in reincarnation: no.
64) Like to make fun of people: Not usually. Occasionally I will mock/imitate weird behavior, but the people I'm around most often are the source of some of the strangest behavior you will ever see.
65) Like to talk on the phone: no. *shudder*
67) Like to drive: Repeating questions is fun, no? Do you like repeating questions?
68) Get motion sickness: Not really. Closest I get is I tend to freak out very quietly while on planes.
69) Eat the stems of broccoli: Of course. *munch*
70) Eat Chicken fingers with a fork: Not normally.
71) Dream in color: Actually, not usually. Most of my dreams are so shadowy I can't tell, though.
72) Type with your fingers on home row: nowhere near it. *snicker*
73) Sleep with a stuffed animal: I have a large bear named (*drumroll*) Mr. Bear (I'm not the most creative person when it comes to names, allright? shaddup) who I sometimes forget to boot off the bed before falling asleep.

What Is/Are/Was...
74) Right next to you: old drawings of ML, my sister talking on the phone.
75) On the walls of your room: Posters, stuff from places I've been.
76) On your mouse pad: My mouse pad disappeared a looong time ago. god only knows where it got to..
77) Your dream car: I've got it. the only thing I think I'd enjoy more is a big suburban. *purr* Too many years with a large family - I only feel comfortable in large cars. My dad has a teensy blazer and it bugs me that I'm noticibly taller than it is... e_e
78) Your dream date: *pfft* like it'd happen. I dunno. I don't require anything fancy. Hell, he could just come over, watch a movie, sit on the couch and talk.
79) Your dream honeymoon spot: Not a clue. Maybe Colorado in the wintertime. Mmmm, snow. ^_^
80) Your dream husband/wife: How many times have I answered "Michael" on this thing, now? It's getting old...
81) Your bedtime: whenever I damn well feel like finally going to bed. I think I shall nap once I finish this thing.
82) Under your bed: dust, I think. Beasties. And occasionally the cat.
83) The single most important question: Where are my pants? (no, seriously; I can't find this pair of pants I like... the only pair that don't fall off... ;_; help!) I know there are more important questions out there, but my head hurts too much to contemplate them.
84) Your bad time of the day: Most people would answer morning. Ironically, I at least look my best in the morning. e.O I tend to get really cranky and sleepy around mid-morning (10:00 - 11:30 or so), though... By noon I'm fine again.
85) Your worst fear(s): Being alone. Well, sometimes. *shrug* I'm a worrywart, so there's plenty.
86) The weather like? Right now? Pleasantly warm and sunny. Nice. I'll go for a walk later. But for now, a nap. *zzzzzzzz*
87) The time? 2:27 PM
88) The date? 11-25-01
89) The best trick you ever played on someone: don't really play tricks...
90) The weirdest food or drink that you like: Sushi. Spinach. I dunno what else...
91) Been in love before?: Yes
92) Loved somebody so much it made you cry? Yes. >_< I hate crying, though. Ugh.
93) Been in a car crash? Two. Not really crashes, but oh well. Once my car hydroplaned and went through a fence (half a foot over either way and I might've been seriously hurt. As it was, I didn't even feel it. Mmmm, tahoe. Like driving behind a brick wall) and the other, someone backed into me as I was pulling out of a parking lot. She was talking on her cell phone and apparently did not notice the large white SUV behind her... e_e;
94) Dumper or Dumped: I always figure I'd be the one getting dumped. In the closest thing I've had to a relatonship, there was no dumpage, we just drifted apart.
95) Color of socks: Mostly white, got some black, some stripey, some fishnet. :D
96) Place to be kissed: Neck. Fingertips. However, kissing me there means I will not be responsible for my actions.
97) Quote from a movie: "I'd just as soon kiss a wookie", "It can't rain all the time", "If you have enough soap, you can blow up just about anything", " 'Do I frighten you?' 'No' 'Do you want me to?' " and I'm sure there are some I'm forgetting.
99) Favorite Concert: I don't like concerts, much. >_< too loud. But I guess Less than Jake or Reel Big Fish - they're great live. Just so you know, SUM 41 sucks ass at live concerts. They really do.
100) What is your favorite kind of cheese? cheesy 80's music. heeheehee. Gotta love it. Or cheesy science fiction B movies, so long as I can mock them a la MST3K...

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