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I am cold. Very very very very very very very cold.
This is why I wear my jackets all the time. ^_^; I get cold so friggin' easily. My hands especially - right now I can barely feel my fingers. Meep!
*grumble* times like these, I really wish I could clone Michael and keep one of 'em around. Mmm, personal heater. He's always so friggin' warm - it ain't right! He ain't human, I tell you!
Not that I have a problem with that. :D I need warm people. @_@ so very cold....

*huddles in the corner*

On the other hand, wrote little reviews for Coolville and Stubble. Good stuff, man. Good stuff.

Heehee.. The forum for ML actually has some people in it. Who'da thunk. O.o

I really gotta do some more art by hand. I miss it greatly. But right now I can't really feel my fingers, soooo... x_X

Hmm, Michael's birthday is this Monday. Anyone who sees him in real life, give 'im a hug.
... Er, on second thought, that might not be the best of ideas. He's not too 'huggy' a person and most of the people who read this who would see him are male.... e.O;; Maybe just get a radioactive spider or other small creature (preferably other small creature since I'm afraid of spiders and lawsuits) to bite him and give him superpowers or something. Oooh, that'd be cool. O.O

master381: i forgot
master381: i no picture have
Jenni the Odd: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmsies. *plots*
master381: uh oh. open invitation for jenni i hear
Jenni the Odd: :D
master381: eek
Jenni the Odd: nyahahahhahahahahhaahha
Jenni the Odd: I get to draw KK all cute and geeky-like! :D
master381: uhoh
master381: maybe i'll get andreen to; except he is sketchy
Jenni the Odd: indeed he is. He doesn't draw much anymore... well, that I'm aware of. Maybe he does draw and just hides it from me. e.O
master381: he drew somehting in physics, and had a lot of other recent stuff
Jenni the Odd: grr! bastard! he's been holding out on me. I shall corner him tomorrow and demand to see Michael Art-y Goodness. Or Else.
master381: is it really goodness? hehe
Jenni the Odd: :p
Jenni the Odd: I say it is. And my word is law.
not really.
All right, it isn't law. But nyah.

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