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My multi-media teacher lost Drew (psytoasty)'s project, so he's failing. She insists he did not turn it in.

Grrrr. *twitch*
I somehow am passing, with an "E" for 'excellent' in behavior. e.O I don't know how that came about. Most teachers leave 'em to the default "S" for 'satisfactory'. There's something wrong with this woman's head.

I'll steal your popcorn... yeah, that's right. You my bitch.
He just tried to delete that...

Anyway. Hmm. Liz tells me Michael (neonid) is wearing pants today. He usually doesn't. (he wears shorts, for those of you who are snickering - because he's never ever ever cold. Grrr. Darn him!)
I think I'll stop by the band hall and see everyone during lunch. I'm not really hungry so there's no point in leaving early enough to get food. 'Sides, I'm saving my lunch money when I can. ^_^ And I get to see Michael in jeans. That happens maybe twice a year. I dunno why he doesn't wear them more often; he looks good in 'em. *purr*

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