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Heehee. And my good day keeps getting better.
During Band we had the uniform madness. Loads of fun. Emily was being really reall really bitchy, so I'm actually quite glad she was nowhere near us ('us' being myself, Liz, and Tim, who is a really funny sophomore. He's so cool). We tried to fit the band for concert uniforms - but since we can't seem to locate the girl's dresses, we just got all the guys into tuxes. Fun fun fun.
Well, A long time ago, I was being silly (this was while we were fitting people for marching uniforms) and I wrote "magical uniform hanger" in sharpie on one of the paper hangers we get back from the cleaners (Drew, I will destroy you. Shoo!). Emily, being Emily, promptly tore it up. So I made another one. She tore it up too. I made another. And another. Finally there were about twenty - all sorts of Magical Uniform Hangers! The Son of the Magical Uniform Hanger, Return of the Magical Uniform Hanger, the Little Magical Uniform Hanger that could... Yeah. I had fun. And Emily continued to try to shred them. (at the Halloween pep rally, she shredded all the non-magical hangers that I couldn't protect because she was upset at Michael and it was either shred those or shred him, apparently.) So at last I took a wooden hanger and wrote:
"The Immortal Magical Uniform Hanger! (let's see Emily detroy this one! HAH!)"
Parentheses and all. *snicker*
I'm taking it home with me. I think I'll put it on my wall. I also stole an old plume. It was in a corner. Not been used for years. That, I think I shall burn. Anyone wanna watch it go up in smoke? David? Michael? Tish? hehehee.

Nicole was in the uniform room for the last part of the period for absolutely no reason. She asked me to draw or write something on her face.
I wrote:
"I was dumb enough to let my sister write on me!"

The more I work on this lesson plan, the more I realize...
We do nothing in English. e.O

Tomorrow I locate mistletoe. I will then tie it to the end of my braid (which ends just below the small of my back) and tell people to kiss my ass. (I told my mom this plan - without the word 'ass' - and, well, I've never seen her laugh so hard.) That, and I fully intend to terrorize Michael until he either gives in, is driven mad, or just tells me to go away and leave him alone. Buahahhahahha... yeees...

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