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I feel productive.
sketched the layout and studied the characters requested for Mike's present.
sketched what looks to be the final revision of Kelsey's flyer
at least tossed Michael's gift out there for critiques (if no one posts anything noticing there's something blatantly wrong by the end of tomorrow, I make with the inkage).

Michael was online. On a weekday. e.O the world is most definitely ending.
he told me about these spiffy games, the Soul Reaver ones... they sound so frikkin' cool. Makes me wanna be a gamer geek like all the guys. @_@

In other news, this beef jerky is damned addicting. *munch*
hah! see? I DO eat. Nyah.
Note to self: get more beef jerky. Mmmm, beefy goodness.
Odd thing is, I usually don't like meat much. *shrug* oh well.

So very tired. I just can't sleep. Ugh.

And I've been listening to this song for over six hours straight. I'm not sick of it yet, either.
haha. If Nicole were in here, she'd have a fit.
Did I mention? She and Shafer are going out. I think they're cute. And I approve of Shafer. He's honest, he's smart, he's a gentleman, and he's damned funny. It all works out. Now if only I could get a boyfriend. 9_9

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