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My Christmas List

these are the things I will ask my parents for for Christmas...

- a paypal account (this is the primary thing. Would make my life just that much easier. I need their permission)
- permission to hook up the DSL connection to 'my' computer. Irony of ironies, we HAVE DSL, but my father has refused to allow me to access it. I use a very cranky 56k dial-up. I have offered to let them use what would otherwise be my allowance to pay for it, if they wish.
- thin, warm gloves, if such things exist. I would love to be able to still feel my fingers as I draw or type. Sadly, I have very large hands, so odds are great that this ain't happening.
- any sort of gift certificate to any sort of computer, art, or comic book store. :D

- since I'm not good enough to hope to use these properly... I shall but dream of maybe, one day... ^_^;
*droooooools all over the place*
but so very expensive. If I ever decide to become a professional illustrator, though... *snork* yeah, right.

I'll stick with my cheap-o markers and my ghetto Prismacolors for now. :D (I acquired the ghetto Prismas when some guy returned them to TAS; they were too old to resell even at half price, so my manager let me buy them at a huge discount. Niiiiice)
That reminds me, I WILL do more colored-by-hand art if it kills me. All this CGing is destroying whatever skills I may have possessed...

I plan to do Mike's Christmas present in watercolor pencil ^_^

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