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Dammit. people have the most annoying habit of messaging me JUST as I'm about to leave or shut down whichever chat program I have open. Then I feel obligated to talk to them for a few minutes.
Stupid chat programs. AIM, ICQ, Yahoo!, MSN... remnants of a time when I liked talking to seventeen people at once for hours and hours on end.
Now, sometimes, I just wanna delete them all. >_<
Maybe one day I will.
Then there will be nothing...
Just silence. Blessed silence.

Bah. If I know myself well enough, I'd last maybe a month, two months. Possibly even longer. But eventually, even if only for a short time, I will miss people. Because I do have personable moods, and while the species is most definitely one of the more worthless ones on the planet, there are times when people are amusing, even fun to be around.
However, once I've had my fill of the hairless monkeys once more, I shall return to my self-induced hermitage.

Though I have to wonder.. with this LJ, I have someplae to catalogue my thoughts and feelings on what happens in my little world. I have no reason to seek out the company of another human being and burden them with my opinions and actions.
Who needs people when you have a computer.
Now that I think about it, if I didn't chat so much, I'd get a lot done. I'd probably have a lot more of ML done, same for SA and CG3. Hmm.

I'd do it, but then I'd probably wind up never speaking to Michael ever again. Now, there are more people who, when I see their SN on the AIM popup, do not make me want to scream, but he's the only person I've met who can calm me down even when I am at my most antisocial.
Of course, since plans for the future involve trying to give up on him once and for all, perhaps cutting off communication wouldn't be such a bad thing.
It'd hurt like hell and I'd hate myself for it. But eh, that's nothing new.


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