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*ramble, ramble, ramble*....

Well, it would seem Michael and Emily are on speaking terms once more. According to Emily, they're actually fairly good friends again. Who knew. I'm glad - there was a lot of potential for nastiness between those two (I have never seen Michael seem quite so angry about anything as he was over he and Emily, and Emily can be vicious when she wants to be) and it's probably much better for the world in general that they get along.
Though it's wonderful that they're not at each other's throats as I feared they would be, I still worry. Michael loved her... and I can't help but wonder if he still does. Emily says she loves him - or loved him, depending on how she feels when you ask her, but she hurt him before. I will not just sit back and watch him get hurt again. Admittedly, I don't know everything that was going on. I can only make observations based on what I've seen. Unfortunately, that means I really, really worry about them getting back together. I don't think it'd be overly beneficial for either of them, particlarly Michael.

On a happier note...

For some reason, one of the most fun moments in band is often with a non-band member... Chase's brother Eric showed up (he's just THAT whipped... he follows Nicole to band camp and even waited for her after our sectional on Thursday) and he and Michael continued their little waterfight. *snicker* first Nicole lured Michael outside (i.e. grabbed his hand and tried to pull him; he didn't move until I started pushing him towards the door) and Eric doused him with water. (If I'd known he was gonna do that, I wouldn't have told Michael to go!). Michael retaliated by dousing Eric, one thing led to another, and by the time we were called back inside, I was holding Eric down on a bench and Nicole had put several pieces of ice down his shorts. Loads of fun... Unless you're Eric. 9_9;;

Michael also doesn't seem to mind talking to me in public anymore. I dunno if me mentioning it here shamed him into it (which I suspect it did... e_e) or if he just decided to do it on his own, but he did speak. *and the people rejoice*

Mark, our other drum major, was there today. I love Mark to death; he's awesome. Really really entertaning guy - I get the feeling band is going to be quite interesting this year. I'm taking notes for Makenzie's Locker so I can be sure to get that realistic band humor (also known as the stuff-no-one-else-thinks-is-funny... )

I have to go to Texas Art (Wow, do I miss that place... ;_; wah!) and get a new 20% cool gray marker. Mine is almost dried out (I use it the most, it's shading for most of the character's skin and light-colored clothing.)

mmmmmmmmmmmmm, copic markers... *drool*
but they're so EXPENSIVE! x_X I could never afford those. Wel, maybe once I'm working again. Lessee... factor out gas and insurance for car... and... it'd take me a couple of months, but I could eventually save up enough for one of the big sets. 0.0 ooooh, niiiice. though I should probably be saving up for a legal copy of Photoshop instead. I'm currently looking for freeware I can use (for some reason the Gimp doesn't like me and won't install no matter how many times I re-download it) instead of PS, or at least until I purchase it. The hunt continues.....

Ziggy sent me a song he wrote for Arora - they're going out now, I'm fairly certain. It's muy nifty, and the lyrics are really sweet. *gets all misty-eyed* awwwwww... I need to get him to arrange that song by the Hippos for marching band... *plots*

... and how the heck do you submit little mood icons? I've been wanting to make some. I mean, the little foxes I'm using are darned cute, but I wanna make some myself. ^_^

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