The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain (jenni_the_odd) wrote,
The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain

Back from the concert, better mood, and EMILY IS SUCH A WHORE....

Okay, that was (partially) unwarranted.
But she was wearing shorts... that did this:

Yeeeeah. And she was damn proud of it.
She asked what was wrong. John's reply? "The left cheek and the right cheek."

... Normally I wouldn't join Nicole in calling Emily a whore, but... yeesh. Have a little taste, Em... She once complained that everyone thought she was a whore. I had to remind her that she's carefully cultivated that image for many years. -_-;;

Yeah, I'm in a better mood. Part was driving Greg and John back from the career center. They're so funny. Greg just about had a breakdown over the stupidity of one of the computer animation teachers. I know, I know, I shouldn't be so amused, but he's SO DAMN FUNNY.
That, and Michael's jacket was waaayyy too big. *snicker* he looked like a little boy trying on his daddy's clothes. So adorable. Then he found a jacket that fit. That boy cleans up real nice. ^_^

there was actually minimal chaos in the uniform room - only about five guys couldn't find their tuxes and had to be refit completely.

My dress is a good six or seven inches too big around the waist. And it's also too long now. e_e;; I'm gonna have to get it altered before the spring concert.

My hands are still shaking something awful. I thought it might go away if I ate something (ick. food. Haven't eaten in three days and I was feeling fine and dandy. Why start now?), so there is one less banana in this world. It did nothing. If anything, I shook worse.
the treadmill got moved from the dialysis center where my mom and dad work to our house. e.O I don't know how or why this happened - but it means I can run all night long if I please. Which is good, it'll be nice to have something to do when I can't sleep.

My head is still killing me, though.
And I gotta finish the Macbeth packet. I love that play - shouldn't take more than half an hour, tops.

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