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Trying to think how pissed my mom would be if I just didn't show up at church. I've got a good twenty minutes before I need to be there, and I've got to decide if it's worth it.
I don't particularly enjoy going anymore. Anyone ever seen Dogma? The line where Bethany says:
"I can remember going to church when I was younger and being moved. Now, I go... and nothing."
Or something to that effect, I've not seen the movie in months.
That's it, right there.

I don't particularly want to go. I know Tish probably doesn't, either. I wonder if I could just kidnap her next week and go out for coffee or something. I used to do that on Sundays back when I had a job. I needed to be there at 11:50, and it took just a few minutes too long to get to TAS from our church - so I went to a different church that had an earlier service and was closer. Then I'd hang around Starbucks till 11:20 or so, then go to work. But anyone who lives in Houston can probably agree - Second Baptist (the church I went to) is just a little frightening. More so when you're in there. Those people disturbed me more than you could know.
It was rather amusing to debate things with them - I came in dressed in my usual all black-ness, clutching a sketchbook like my security blanket; they all assumed I knew very little about religion. On the contrary, I was raised almost literally in a church. My grandparents work as the janitors at the church I attend - they live right next door to it. My mother is quite religious. I actually went to Second Baptist's school until fourth grade. I could quote bible verses from memory with no problem; I knew my lessons well enough to teach classes. I'd never heard a song that wasn't a hymn or praise song until I was about 11. My mom admits she was pretty much brainwashing me... But I do know enough theology to hold my own in an argument. I want to take some classes in comparative religions; learn more about stuff besides Christianity. I suppose there will be time enough for that later.

Maybe I could say I'm sick. I made some chocolate milk (yes, I am secretly three years old. Nyaaah... you're just jealous 'cause you want some, too) with some syrup we had in the fridge... then my sister and I discovered the expiration date on the syrup was sometime this past May. e.O So far no side effects, but if I start throwing up, that might convince her...

Well, now I have to decide whether or not to go. I guess I will - I'll just bring a sketchbook and work on ML or something. Maybe Michael's present. I need to work on Mike's, too...

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