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Fifteen minutes to go, then I'm free...
I've checked up on all the webcomics I read regularly... even re-read the archives for Sundowner (if you want a link, it's on theML links page, I just closed the window and I'm too lazy to check)... cute comic, that. Makes me wanna do a silly comic where I can just draw cute, pretty people in crazy clothing all the time. ^_^ ML tends to be slightly too realistic for the proportions and outfits that would entail...

Things to do today:
- work on Kelsey's flyer. I just gotta color it, but I want it to look nice... shouldn't take too long, though.
- start finalizing the sketch for Mike's Christmas present. Bless the boy, he gave me plenty of references to use for all the characters he wants me to draw. ^_^
- see if I can't figure out how the hell to rig up some online cards and/or jigsaw puzzles for ML. I promised extras this week and dammit, I will do the extras!
- clean my room so my relatives can live there for a week or two while they stay with us. I still have absolutely no idea where I'm gonna be sleeping... e.O;;

Things to do tomorrow, when I have nothing else to do (whee!)
- Go to Deidrich's or Starbucks or someplace quiet and warm and re-re-re-redo the damned concept sketches for Michael's present. @_@ yargh! Someday I'll draw him something I can be happy with. Just doesn't look like it's gonna be this year.... urrrrk. x_X I will then post 'em online (since he's almost never online... I'm so thankful I can do that and get feedback without having to worry about him seeing it!) and get critiques... then ink and paint.
I painted that ornament for my grandmother last night at about 3 am... I'd forgotten how soothing is is to actually paint... I've been doing way too much work on the computer lately.
- organize and wrap family Christmas gifts. I might actually go to Michaels or Hobby Lobby and buy some cheap plain ornaments or something and paint 'em. I need to make sure I have something for everyone - and a few extra just-in-case presents because the people in our family have this annoying habit of breeding or bringing guests, or something, but there' s always at least one person there without any warning whatsoever... and I have this innate need to give everyone a Christmas present. @_@
- work on ML and SA. I'm not going to hurry CG3 along, but I'd like to work on SA again...
- work on mah pants! Hemming the sides by hand is annoying and time-consuming because I use tiny stitches and I have long legs. ^_^;; Oh well...

Now two more minutes. I could type a lot faster if my hands weren't shaking. (I'm cold. Again. It's no longer worth mentioning; unless I say otherwise, just assume I am freezing)

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