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*frets and fusses*


There are three computers in our house.
One is my daddy's computer. It can be a gentle beast, but the combination of an extremely pissy DSL line and Windows XP conspired to make it pretty unpleasant - it loves to crash at random and it hates the Internet. It is in my father's study, a lovely little room with large glass panels in the door that allows anyone inside to look out and see the yard. There is often wildlife - the squirrels are joined by the occasional raccoon, rabbit, or opossum. It's really funny to look up and see an opossum waddle past...

The next is my computer, my baby. It's a beautiful little creature, it's main fault being the random closing of browser windows (that confused Kelsey... ehehe), which I hear is due to Win M.E. and no fault of the machine itself. I've found it's more likely to load pages quickly if I glare at it, and it has unfrozen in response to a bitchslap. For all that and the cursing I regularly do at it, I love it dearly and I treat it well. It is connected to the Internet using our 56k dial-up line. The ISP is Concentric. This computer is in the 'wreck' room, which is basically where I and my siblings live. (this is literal in the case of my brother, whose room is adjacent and was formerly a pool shed, since remodeled to be a suitable habitat for a 12 year-old boy). Behind me is a TV that tends to be on an awful lot, and large windows allowing light in. There's also plenty of lamps.

Then there is the Ancient. Our oldest computer, it was top of the line about six or seven years ago. A 4-gig hard drive, since expanded into an 8-gig, it runs Windows 98. I have deleted all unnecessary files from it, yet it still oozes along and loves to freeze when you type in a URL for the first time. It also freezes for about two minutes every night at midnight, and for about 30 seconds every hour exactly on the hour. It is also connected by the 56k. It's located in my mother's little study nook/office-thing, a horrid cramped little room with tromp d'loile (or however you spell it) (in this case, fake bricks) painted on the wall and no windows. My mother and I differ greatly on the subject of decorating. -_-;;;

When my aunt and uncle are here, they sleep in the rec room. This means I cannot be on my computer 'till all hours of the night. My father's study is directly connected to my parents room - so me being in there will keep them up, besides, that computer dislikes the 'net. So I creep off to the cranky slow computer. There I can sit in silence (did I mention it has no speakers, does not recognize the CD drive, and has no mp3s on it anymore? yeah. No music for Jenni) and at least chat with people 'til five AM (Hi, Michael... 9_9; ). I draw while waiting for pages to load (and it takes a while), and occasionally I manage to draw something halfway decent with a mouse - for while that computer has Photoshop, the tablet and scanner are over here on the good computer.

Unfortunately, all is not right with the world right now.
The slow computer is not acknowledging any sort of dial tone for the dial-up connection. I have twiddled with the hardware, the software, gone through everything I can; nothing has worked. There is no explanation. No one has touched the thing all day. Concentric, the ISP, is not down - I'm on it now. Even if it was down, we should at least be able to get a dial tone. It's a completely physical problem with the hardware; some wires are loose or something has been shifted oh-so-slightly enough to be invisible to me but enough to fuck up the computer.

This means:
(a) I will not be online till all hours of the night tonight
(b) I will be quite bored - I have no room either right now, and therefore nothing to do but lie there on the couch that I think is now my bed - either that or I get a blanket and lie on the floor - and just.. lie there...
(c) I will not get to talk to Michael, Tish, or any of the other people I usually chat with. >_< poo...
(d) I will be spending all day tomorrow with my uncle and my father, the other computer geek-type people in the family, trying to fix it. They understand that I really only talk to my friends online at night. Sort of like how Nicole does on the phone during the day. Or face-to-face during the day. I never know what to do with people when I'm standing next to them; I need to multi-task most of the time or I feel useless. So yeah. Geekiness is genetic. I am so very much my father's daughter. *snicker* same eye, and dental problems, same logical approach to most stuff, same weird and warped sense of humor (he really is very weird - I just never realized it 'til recently because he was never home very much.), same fondness for music of all sorts and computers. I think he can draw, but I only remember seeing something he'd drawn years and years ago - a tiger, I believe. As I recall, it was very, very good. But he never draws. At least, not that I'm aware of.

Urgh. As frustrating as the other computer is, I miss it already. >_< My aunt, the usual complainer, is fast asleep, so my uncle will let me stay on unless/until my typing gets so loud it wakes one of them up.

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