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Today, my mother decided to have this guy from church come over and do this family portrait thingy. We all got our pictures taken together.
My mother also decided to get her revenge for me not having a senior picture - They wasted a good hour photographing me. And since apparently my hair is the only part of me worth photographing, they had to arrange it for every picture. And while I don't mind one person playing with my hair every so often, when multiple people do it for over an hour while posing me and doing other such nonsense, it made me kinda twitchy.
No matter how much weight I lose, I will never be pretty. And no matter what, I will never, ever, ever be a model. Urgh. Even if I had the looks, you couldn't pay me enough to put up with that. >_<
After the family portrait was done and we had taken far more pictures than could possibly be necessary, Gabriel and I headed off to pick up Michael to go to Tish's party at Olive Garden. Mmmm, Italian food. @_@
We were half an hour late due to the photography thing - but it all worked out in the end, because they were 50 minutes late due to traffic! Mmm, Houston pre-Christmas Mall traffic... Michael met Nathalie and Ryan and Ryan's friend whose name I do not remember. Before Ryan got there, he asked what she was like - I told him like Emily, just with much less mental ability. He got this horrified look on his face and said I must be joking. He found that really... I wasn't...
But she's tolerable and hell, if Michael could put up with Emily for three years, he reasoned, one dinner with Ryan shouldn't be difficult. Once everyone got there, we sat down and ate. Mmmmmm, olive Garden. @_@
Afterwards, Ryan and her friend left and we roamed the parking lot for a while (parking was a bitch, so my car was pretty far away). Then we went to Edwards Cinemas and got tickets for Not Another Teen Movie. With an hour before the film started, we roamed the shopping area, going to Funkyard (fun, fun place, that) and Hot Topic (it frightens and disturbs me). At Hot Topic, I had this incredible urge to dress Michael... e.O *cackle* I wanna see him in a trench coat.. *cough*andacollar*cough*.
Yeah. You didn't hear that. Shoo.
The movie was okay. There were a lot of breasts... e.O But it was fun to pick out references to all the movies it spoofed. And it spoofed quite a few. There were some scenes, though... *shudders* I may require therapy. Ick.
We hung out around the fountains waiting for Nathalie's parents to pick up she and Tish. Played with the fountains, Gabriel taunted us repeatedly with this fork he apparently stole from the Olive Garden (What is it with my family and stealing forks? Nicole stole one from Chilis...) and we listened to the band that was playing there jam. Good stuff, that. Good indeed. :D
And damn, it got foggy while I was driving Michael home. @_@ Could scarcely see at some points. Stupid Houston weather! Grrrr!

Oh well. Tish liked her gift. ('twas a combination Christmas/Birthday present from my entire family - a tablet! :D It's actually bigger than mine.. I forget the exact size, but I remember that it is. So she was a happy Tish. ^_^

Michael apparently gets along with everyone I get along with. I'm gonna have to drag him out on more excursions... he's such fun. It just seems a little odd; I've spent more time with him each of the past two days than I usually do in a week. @_@ Michael... overdose! *snicker*
Pfft. Like I'd get tired of Michael. he's fun.

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