The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain (jenni_the_odd) wrote,
The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain

*slight twitchity*

Nicole received gift certificates to Hot Topic for Christmas.
She adores that store.
The longer I'm in there, the more it frightens and disturbs me.
I see stuff I like - but then I have this urge to make it myself, and do a better job of it.
The only things I'm not sure I could make are the collars and other leather stuff. Like this one collar - it was quite similar to the one Chris is wearing here - I'd never seen it before, and those rings looked damned cool. (though I think I disturbed my poor sis when I kept insisting that the collar was nifty. 9.9;; hee). There were also some armbands that looked interesting. But if I could locate leather and tools, I would much rather make all this stuff myself.
But the arm socks... that... I dunno. I went to Value Village afterwards and bought some cheap stripey shirts so I could make my own arm socks. ^_^ I like them better. Colors!

But I did manage to locate a JtHM shirt. Nyahhaha. And I do love Johnny. :]=
Saw a Lenore book and it looked interesting, but I can locate it cheaper at a few comic stores if I spend some time looking. (like it's SUCH a hassle for me to spend time in comic stores. ^_^ )
Nicole got several patches and an Invader Zim shirt, which I will be stealing. Repeatedly, I don't doubt. And a beanie-type hat-thing, which I will not steal because I have a freakishly large head and hair that manages to add still more volume to it. @_@ so no hats of any sort for Jenni. Besides, I get irritated when things cover my ears.

The one good thing about Hot Topic, though - it offers some inspiration even if only by making me think "wow, I could do so much better..."
And someday, I will dress Michael. *cackle* oh yess...

Note to self - find some sort of stretchy net fabric... because if I can locate it, I WILL break down and buy the collar from Hot Topic so I can make and wear this shirt. I will. Really. And I would make so much more, it would make your widdle brain hurt to even think about it. Or something.
I'll scamper about town looking through fabric stores on Wed. I think we start school again on Thursday... I also need to get some chains. (for clothing. Really. *looks innocent*)

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