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CG3 ramblings...


uhh..... yeah. so anyway. Been discussing with Michael the future of CG3 (that's my lazy-ass way of saying Cybergenesis 3, which is a manga-thing Michael and I have been working on for God-only-knows-how-long.). The whole theory is, I do the artwork, and he helps out with the story (ain't no WAY I'm letting him get away with writing the whole thing. I love this story. And Chris is such a part of me, anyway. ^_^ couldn't bear to part with her). Of course, this means he really tends to be more of an editor nowadays.

A while back, I promised someone a gratuitous shower scene in the manga. I did NOT, however, promise which gender the person in the shower would be. (*cackles* hello, Kaen...)
Anyway, this manga will most likely contain a lot of sex, violence, nudity, cursing, etc. I think this about sums it up...

Jenni the Odd: yeesh, the more I work on CG3, the more pornographic it becomes... >_< that can't be good...
NeonSeraphim: oh but it is

*snicker* there you have it, folks. Smut for all!

*ahem* anywhom, onto the serious character development bits 'o this...
First off, Jenni would like to say that all ideas pertaining to Cybergenesis 3 and any characters or situations thereof are the sole property of she and/or Michael. Stealing them will earn you an ass-whooping. From BOTH of them. And then come lawsuits.

Chris... hmmm... In the mIRC RP that this comic originated from, she was a bit too... mature. I think I'd like to scale her whole personality back a bit as far as age goes - make her younger, a bit less jaded, a bit less ... er... predatory. 9_9;; Maybe 19. She was in a rough relationship with Davin, 23, who she'd been with since she was 16. He was her first serious boyfriend.. and it was not a pretty thing when he was angry. At the beginning of the story, she'll have a few scars and bruises, probably flinch if Kaen makes any sudden movements. She got slapped around a lot, but she loved Davin (hey, people in love can be really stupid sometimes) and she stayed with him.

File 1
Tthe night the story begins, she was thrown out. He was drunk, there was a party at his apartment - he saw her talking to another guy, called her a whore, threatened her with a broken beer bottle, and literally tossed her out onto the street. The girl does have some sense, so she decides she's not going back. This causes a few issues because she's been living with Davin for two years (she left home at 17, reluctantly placing her younger brother, Tomas, in foster care, she's been keeping up with him since) and as such, everything she owns is in his apartment. So lacking money, (decent) clothing, and pretty much anything she would need to get by, Chris is in a mess. She tries to reach her brother by phone, but his foster family - somewhat understandably - doesn't really like her contacting him and they hang up on her. Alone, she wanders aimlessly. Now, Davin didn't exactly live in the upper end of town, and she manages to find herself in an even more unsafe neighborhood. She looks for a friend's home, someone she knew a while back and who she hopes will allow her to stay with them for just a few days. Unfortunately, she gets lost. As mentioned before, this is not the best of areas to be lost in, and she's accosted several times by several different people who want to know how much she'll charge for the night. But then one of them won't leave her alone. He follows her, when she tells him to "fuck off!" he grabs her and slams her up against a wall.
Meanwhile, our Hero, (*snicker* always wanted to use that line) Kaen, is walking home. Kaen's used to the neighborhood, he's been there for some time since rent is pretty cheap and he's not unnerved by the usual goings-on on the streets even this late at night. He hears some sort of noisy argument in front of his building, and since it's on his way anyway, he investigates.
At this point, Chris knees the Random Guy (heretofore referred to as RG) in the groin and runs for it... smack into Kaen. Muttering something about lousy places for brick walls to be, Chris stumbles back and sees him. She panics just a little, thinking that Kaen is with RG, and when he reaches out a hand to steady her she hits him - doesn't hurt him at all, actually hurts her hand more, but it confuses the hell outta him - and starts to run away. Unfortunately, by this time, RG is no longer curled up in the fetal position on the ground whimpering about his balls, and he grabs Chris and forces her to the ground. She resists, but he weighs more than she does and has her quite pinned. When she keeps struggling, he punches her a few times. (I like making characters suffer.)
Mid-punch, RG suddenly finds himself hauled off Chris and thrown to the ground. Kaen tells him to leave her alone. RG offers to share, which disgusts Kaen a bit and allows him to proceed to kick RG's ass without regret. (heee)
Well, since I'd rather not have Kaen start out with a murder on his hands, RG gets away. Kaen decides that it's better to take the girl inside than either (a) explain to whatever authorities might show up why there's a bruised, bleeding, unconscious woman in his front yard, or (b) leave her at the mercy of anyone who comes along and wants some. So he takes her inside.

File 2
Chris wakes up in an unfamiliar room, confused and sore as all hell. She gets a look at herself in a mirror - not a pretty sight. Black eye, bruises, cuts. She's been bandaged up, however. She remembers little of the night before after Davin throwing her out, other than that a lot of what happened hurt. Slowly, she makes her way downstairs. On the way she encounters Spyder, Kaen's roommate. Spyder leers at her despite her injuries - it will be revealed later that he leers at anything with breasts - and she starts to wonder what the hell she did the night before. She walks downstairs, hoping that whatever - or whoever she did the night before isn't too horrible. She sees Kaen, munching on a sandwich. (for this, I'll type out the conversation as it will appear)
Chris: er...
Kaen: Oh, you're up... Hungry?
Chris: no, I'm fine... um... *looks around awkwardly* about last night...
Kaen: heh... hope you're all right. You got knocked around pretty hard.
Chris: O.O pardon?
Kaen: Yeah, that other guy was kind of rough. You did pretty well until he got you on the ground... nice trick you pulled there against the wall.
Chris: *having mental images of kinky threesomes* You...
Kaen: You were kinda out cold after that.. I took care of him, though. *said with a straight, serious face*
Chris: You mean that guy I saw on the stairs? *points* *thinks about Spyder* eww...
Kaen: e_O? no... the one outside. He gave you that lovely eye decoration there...
Chris: *touches her face* I don't remember...
Kaen: *his back is turned to her as he puts away dishes or something* He couldn't take a hint. I take it you're no streetwalker, then...
Chris: hmph. No. 'course not.
Kaen: There's a lot around here, is all. And you're pretty enough. Could probably make a good living.
Chris: O.O I would NEVER-
Kaen: *faint smile* I'm joking, only joking.
Chris: *fuming, tears forming in her eyes* *does remember Davin calling her a whore - last night and all the times before*
Kaen: *sees her expression* I'm sorry... bad joke.
Chris: *looks away* Anyway... thank you, ... um...
Kaen: Kaen. Kaen Aramais.
Chris: I'm Chris Nol. *snif* thank you.
Kaen: heh. you're welcome.
Chris: *closes her eyes, thinking over what she's about to say* I... I don't really have any way of repaying you. I've got nowhere to go... I don't have any money. But... *looks up* I... *can't bring herself to finish the sentance*
Kaen: *looks at her for a moment* Come with me.
Chris: *follows him, silently berating herself and remembering all the names Davin has called her... now feeling as though she more than deserves them*
Kaen: *opens the door to the room she was in*
Chris: *meekly enters and sits down on the bed*
Kaen: *doesn't move from his spot in the doorway* You can stay as long as you need to.
Chris: You don't..? *blushes a bit*
Kaen: *looks at her for a moment* there's a bathroom right there. Ask if you need anything. *turns and leaves*
Chris: *watches him go, then curls up on the bed, trying to sort out what just happened* He's gonna let me stay... for nothing? *lies back, a little confused* 'Course, I don't even remember what happened last night... dunno what he did with me then... *sighs, tears making their way down her face again* what the hell am I doing?

okay, I've run out of things to type now. Once Michael gets online perhaps he'll have some revisions to this and some idea of what to do with it from there. *wanders away*

damn, this is kinda long. 0.0

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