The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain (jenni_the_odd) wrote,
The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain

Favorites... (some survey thingy)

Shoe brand: Whatever fits and isn't uncomfortable. I have friggin' huge feet.
Book: I dunno. Brave New World was good. I'm still fond of the Wheel of Time series. I never read anymore.
CD: uhhh... Utada Hikaru's "First Love" or Newfound Glory's self-titled album.
Singer: That lead girl from Save Ferris (dunno her name) Utada Hikaru, the girls in As One, Michael Jackson, lead of Reel Big Fish, lead of Newfound Glory, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Madonna, lead singer of Savage Garden...
Band(s): Too many... FIN.K.L., As One, Reel Big Fish, Newfound Glory, the Ataris, Orgy... and I KNOW there's some others I'm forgetting.
Color: black, blue, silver, blood-red (in that order)
Place: I dunno. Don't really have a favorite one. Somewhere alone, with music. and sketchbook. *purr* and a computer, that'd be nice. *makes her own little perfect world* whee!
Song: Right now... "The way you make me feel", by Michael Jackson. This song always makes me happy.
Food: uhh... I dunno. It's food. I can be bribed to do things with peppermint ice cream, though. @_@ mmmm... minty goodness. And anything cinnamon-y is great. I've been known to gnaw on plain 'ol cinnamon sticks.
Mood: I dunno. I like being happy but sometimes it feel so... fake. When I'm depressed, I either create a WHOLE lot or not at all. I like the depressed/creative mood. I may hate myself, but at least I get stuff done.
Poem: Dunno any.
Actress: I've lost faith in Hollywood.
Actor: See above.... *grin* but... SILENT BOB!
Movie: The Crow, Dogma, Fight Club, Star Wars original trilogy,Vampire Hunter D, Much Ado About Nothing, Romeo and Juliet (yes, I liked the one with DiCaprio and Danes. So sue me)
Show: Old SNL.. Family Guy, 3rd rock from the sun, Simpsons. The only time I watch TV is when my sibs are watching and I'm on the comp or drawing something.
Phrase: "I will destroy you" - heard often in my household. We're an odd family...
Quote: "Band is like one big happy family. One big, dysfunctional, slightly incestuous, happy family..." - Me. " *looks around* Can we get a pair of pants over here? Anyone!? " - Michael *snicker*
Place to eat: uh... I dunno. You mean as in a restaurant? There's this place called the North China Restaurant. mmmmmm... really really good food.
Car: My car. *purrs* I love it.
Web site: Elfwood, Livejournal, Keenspace... and too many others.
Flower: I dunno. I like roses and Mexican Heather. And sunflowers are fun and happy.
Subject in school: sleeping. Uh... wait. I mean.. umm.. don't have one. Hopefully I'll enjoy my computer classes this year, though
Teacher: Mrs. Strait, my 9th grade Biology teacher. and Mrs. Mixon, my 7th grade English and Texas History teacher.
Drink: water, cranberry and/or grape juice, Dr. Pepper
Brand of clothing: whatever fits/is comfy/isn't too expensive (I shop at Wal-mart! :D)
Cologne: I dunno.
What do you collect?: dust. ^_~ and characters, apparently. e_e
Do you write poems? yes. Morbid Death Poetry. Mmmmm..
Who was your first crush?: A boy named Ben in my class in something like 1st grade. He was a sweetheart - he moved, though.
Who is your crush now?: *waves* Hi, Michael. (getting sick of hearing this yet? hah!)
Would you like to tell your crush that you like her/him?: I do. Every day. One of these days he'll get really really tired of it and tell me off, I'm sure.
Have you been out of the country? not to my knowledge.
Have a tragedy to share?: none of my own.
Have a tragedy? er...not really.
What do you think of our new president(US)?: I want a recount. And then I want them both to lose, and I want to be president.
What outfit do you/ did you usually wear to school?: I love my jackets. They're about three sizes too big, with nice big pockets. I hide in them and store art supplies in 'em. ^_^
What type of guys/girls are you most attracted to: lessee... Intelligent, funny, strange, artistic, musically inclined, warped, tall, somewhat fuzzy but still very cute flute players. (*waves to Michael again* hi!)
Do you listen to classical music?: on occasion.
Do you believe in God?: I suppose so.
Do you believe in ghosts?: interesting idea... but no, I don't think so.
Do you have a webpage? about 15.
What do you do when you are alone?: sing, draw, talk to myself or whoever's in my head who is awake.
Where would you like to live?: someplace slightly colder. perhaps Colorado.
What are your dreams?: as in things my mind does at night to occupy itself: weird and rarely remembered. As in aspirations: ehhh, don't really have any.
Do you wish you could fly?: on occasion. It'd be useful. United Airlines be damned!
Do you receive letters (snail mail)?: not usually.
Are you rich?: me personally? not really. My family's pretty well-off, though. But OH, how I wish I could support myself.
How much money do you usually carry with you?: I like to carry a max of $20 around as sort of a just-in-case kinda thing, but I rarely carry anything. (because I am forgetful)
Are you careless?: depends on what I'm being careless/careful with.
Do you eat breakfast?: almost never.
Do you put the milk in the bowl first or the cereal?: cereal
Have you ever put the milk in the bowl before the cereal?: a few times. But I almost never eat cereal (when I do, I munch on it dry)
How many CDs do you have?: I dunno... hmmm.. about 1/8 as many as my sister... but I have about twice the number of legally-obtained CDs (she burns all of hers)
What size of pants do you wear?: It changes. Going down, lately, which is good. (I'm big. *puffs out cheeks* hehe.)
Do you wear hats?: nope. Large head, lotsa hair. >_< just doesn't work....
How many fridges do you have?: one... and one weird scary one in the garage that's older than I am and makes strange noises.
How many cars are out in your drive way?: 3 right now.
How many people are you living with?: right now, 6. Every now and then it goes down to 5 or up to 9.
What did you always want to be when you were little?: Veterinarian. Then i realized I'm not smart enough.
Do you make your bed every morning?: sometimes.
How many sheets are on your bed?: umm... the cover-sheet thing that fits over the mattress and my comforter. My room is really cold (I like it cold... heeee) and so that's fine.
How many posters do you have up in your room?: uh... 5 or so. not counting small pictures.
Why are you filling these out?: I cannot begin to tell you how bored I am.
Your height?: 5'9"
Your weight?: I don't know for certain. Again, it changes. Again, I'm big. *again, puffs out cheeks* but it is going down, so that's good. ^_^
The color of you hair?: dark brown, but I've found strands of blond, lots of copper, and black.
Your wannabe name(s)?: I dunno
Which one of the Powerpuff Girls are you?: I'm probably Buttercup. *pow!* hehe
What is the compliment you get most from people?: I dunno, I don't believe 'em anyway.
How long do you stay in the shower?: a looooooong time. Takes forever to wash my hair. Usually half an hour or a bit longer. @_@

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