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when there is nothing else to do, I update this damned LJ.

My head just feels somwhere between achey and numb. Sorta like a sinus headache.
There. Finished the director lessons. They're due Friday. Ms. Mays can kiss my fat half-Peruvian arse. I'm done for today.

I'm going to go hide in the comic book store during my lovely two-hour lunch break. Mmmm, comics. I can't afford to buy anything, (damn my lack of employment. Eh. If I had a job, I'd have no time to go buy anything, anyway. Ironic, no?) but it's better than eating - I'll save my lunch money to support my comic addiction - and I still want to go look.
First I'll call my grandparents to see if they would mind Tish coming over for a visit this afternoon.
I told Tish to call me at about 1:20 to figure out what the plans are. I should be at the career center and parked by then (I dislike the phone in general, but I absolutely HATE talking on the cel phone and driving. When Nicole is with me, she deals with the phone) so all will be good. I hope they can have her come over.

Abuelita is much the same. My mom suspects pnemonia is getting to her; her breathing is... gurgly. I don't know how else to describe it. I sat with her for a few hours yesterday and it was painful to listen to. *sigh* It's hard to enter this world and it's hard to leave it.
My aunt's biopsy came back. Breast cancer. Tiny and definitely quite treatable, but still. Cancer.
I got three hours of sleep or so last night. I'm still tired. Just not very sleepy at all.

I've been wearing the band from a bow tie that had suffered terribly. The bow was shredded. So I took it off and now I have a choker-type thing.
I usually play with my necklace, but with this I've been steadily tightening it all day, sort of a nervous habit.
Another tug or two at it and it'll become a bit constricting.
I think I prefer it that way.

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