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Apathy's a bitch... but I really don't care...

I must be getting sleepy, on top of actually being tired. I've been yawning. I haven't yawned in days. Hmm.

Because my class - consisting as it does of children who have formed the loathesome habit of being completely uninterested in anything that does not move or at the very least provide them with glorious splashes of color - was incapable of simply reading Hamlet, we viewed the film. It was the version with Kenneth Branagh. I adore that man for some reason. And I love his films - they're so full of color, which, in an age of apparent gritty 'realism' in the distressingly gray-hued movie industry has sadly almost disappeared. And while the costumes confuse me greatly because they do not seem to conform to any particular period, they are breathtakingly gorgeous. Kate Winslet looks so beautiful in those costumes - as she did in Titanic.
Look at this scenery. I couldn't find any good clear pictures of the actors in the costumes I really liked, unfortunately.

Branagh's Much Ado About Nothing is one of my favorite films of all time. Now I suppose I should add Hamlet to that list. Not only do I enjoy the play, but it deserves to rank highly for sheer beauty.

I suppose I'll go to the bank today during lunch.
Then I guess I need to eat. My stomach feels weird and I'm shaking.
I think I'll want to go home and sleep today after school... but I would like to see our school's production of 'The Sound of Music'. More accurately, I'm torn between attending or not due in part to reports from people that they've changed the musical quite a bit, removed some songs, replaced some with others, and the like. 'The Sound of Music' has always been one of my favorite musicals (I had it near-memorized at age two; my aunt learned a lot of English by hearing it. That and Mary Poppins. Apparently I loved Julie Andrews as a child... it also means my aunt has one of the strangest accents - Spanish, Texan, and British combined) and I would hate to hear it butchered like people said it was. On the other hand, perhaps it's not all that bad; the drama department at my school this year is much better than in previous years, the costumes are wonderful (being the nosy clothing freak/wannabe theater geek that I am, I inspected the rack holding the costumes after school one day) and our choir contains decent singers.
It's also on Saturday and Sunday, but the leads might not be there on Sat. and I think I'm going to see LotR with Mike on Sun...
*sigh* I really don't feel like going out today. I'll just see it with the understudies tomorrow.

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