July 21st, 2001


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*sigh* wow, I'm a bitch. No, I dont' HATE my little brother and his friend, I just think they're very, VERY immature and annoying. And I usually wish they were Elsewhere instead of around me. e_e; but I don't hate them.

Michael, get your ass online! (part II), and Other Stuff.

e_e;; he suggested we RP... now he's nowhere to be seen. oy vey. 9_9

In Other News Concerning Jenni, I feel gross. Ick.
It's a combination of things. It started when I woke up approximately fifteen minutes before I needed to be at summer school to take my Economics final. It takes me an average of eighteen minutes to get there. e_e; I pulled on a bra (the bra was wet, too... eeyew... I only own two or so, so I wash them at night, but I didn't get to bed until late and so it didn't have time to dry... icky...), my jacket, my shoes, and my glasses, and hauled ass. I got there on time, but I didn't have time to even put my hair in a clip, so I got the "wow, your hair is LONG!" comments all morning. x_X urk.

On the plus side, I'm done with summer school. ^_^

Then I came home and went back to bed, only to be startled when my brother brought my sister's friend upstairs to ... I don't know why they were in my room, they were probably looking for the cat, who likes to hide under my bed. (I kicked him off the top of my bed because it's impossible to sleep when he's eating my hair, feet, or hands). Well, I blinked sleepily, told them to get the hell outta my room, and went back to sleep.
When I awoke (around 2:30 pm or so) I took a shower (so all morning I was really gross. blech!) and went to look for my little sister's birthday present. Right about then the cramps hit with a vengeance, so there was that lovely feeling of "ick". >_< Sometimes I hate being female.
I went to Planet Anime to look for her gift (of course, I'm getting the child anime. She likes it. ^_^ I'm training her well...). She likes Fushigi Yuugi and Sailor Moon, but since I refuse to buy her the dubbed version of SM out of principle (ugh... DiC.... *shudder*) and apparently no store in town is NOT sold out of the first volume of Fushigi Yuugi in English, I instead got her Nadia: Secret of the Blue Water. (You know... that series Disney ripped off to get Atlantis? Yeah, that one. Same story, similar characters, 'cept the anime one has better art, acting, and plot) I had to get her the DVD since no one had it on video.
I also got the Ayashi no Ceres soundtrack volume one, Celestial. I then made the mistake of listening to it while driving in the Galleria's parcking garage. It's a somewhat spooky place to start with, and this music will scare the bejibbers (is that a word? e_O it is now..) out of you ANYWAY, so I was rather twitchy by the time I got back in daylight. Really good music, though. It's all instrumental except for two songs (one the opening, the other, I assume, is the end theme). Really nice. Hauntingly beautiful, very sad, some of them make you a bit tense. I liked the Tarzan soundtrack for the same reasons, but this is a lot more... sad, I suppose. If the series is filled with as much tension, misery, and fear as the soundtrack makes out, i will enjoy it very, very much. :D
Yet another reason to feel gross: I'm quite full. I went to smoothie king and made the mistake of getting a medium smoothie which even now sits in the fridge, half-gone, mocking me because I know there's no way I'll ever be able to finish it. >_< those things are HUGE. It's yummy and all, but I can only eat so much...

In the evening, I drove Nicole around as she went to get CDs, then she wanted to go to House of Pies (that place is cool. The waitress had a mullet!), and then to her friends' house to drop off "Pump!", which is basically Korean DDR, which her friend had left at our house. Then we went home, I fell asleep again (between cramps and headaches, I've been asleep a lot lately.... e_O) and I woke up around midnight because I remembered that Michael wanted to RP. So now I wait. And watch the cat do flips in the hallway for reasons which I cannot fathom.... 0.o

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oy vey, my headaches have been getting worse. @_@ I've spent much of the last two days in bed, or avoiding loud sounds. They seem to be sinus headaches, but they're often triggered and really really aggravated by loud noise and/or bright lights (I HATE driving at night, I always wind up in front of some moron with their brights on so I'm blinded by my mirrors). My eyes are sensitive to light to start with, too... urk.

I cannot tell you how much I'm NOT looking forward to Warped Tour tomorrow. ^_^;; It would probably be pretty cool any time but this week. Between the cramps and headaches that no amount of medication has been able to get rid of, I don't think I'm going to be very pleasant to be around tomorrow... I'm really only going because it's my present to my sister (her 14th birthday was July 13) and if I go, no adult from our family has to go. (i'm also just a little peeved because the one band I did want to see cancelled their Houston date for Warped. Wah! I wanted to see Newfound Glory... ;_; oh well. Nicole - and all her little friends - will be happy..)

Ugh, I haven't been able to walk for the past few days. Not walk as in move around, mind you. My mom and dad work at a Dialysis Unit, and they have a treadmill there. It usually goes unused, so I've been going there and walking on it every day for the past few weeks. I rather enjoy being able to zone out for a bit whilst I walk. I don't stay very long, only about 45 minutes to an hour (three to five miles, depending on how energetic I am that day). But I didn't walk yesterday, or today, and the unit's closed on Sunday (I'll be gone all day for Warped anyway). Blech. More feeling gross. @_@
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ugh, headache's back. x_X I'm gonna go take some painkillers and lie down.
Oh wait, I gotta draw a page or two for the ML update on Mon. DAMN.

Hey, Michael, if you read this (and I'm counting on the fact that you will, you said you would read this damed thing, so...), I feel like crap tonight (dunno WHAT Nicole said to you... e.O) and I might not be online tomorrow night, either. I love you. =^..^= (<-- look, 's a kitty face. You've got to come over and meet the cat. Nicole also wants to tortu-er, meet you. 0.0;; meep)