August 7th, 2001


*screams in horror*

I WAS 205 in the KS update queue... but when i attempted to manually update again, this is what I got:

"You are already in the queue for this kind of update. There is no need to submit again. You are number 1471 in the queue. Thanks."


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Nicole met Emily and Liz today. How did she put it...
"Emily was a pleasant surprise. Except unpleasant."
9_9;; what's more, I don't think Emily quite caught on that Nicole didn't like her much. I also don't think she's catching on that I really don't want to hang around her very much... -_-' I really don't want to hang around anyone very much. (I don't mind Michael most of the time - in fact, I rather enjoy his company - but every now and then I just want to hide. Unfortunately, there is no place to hide in the band hall. I've tried. >_< grr)
Nicole also loves Michael to death, for reasons which he cannot grasp. e_O I think it's pretty funny. He's just so darned loveable - all the freshmen seem to get along with him.

oh yes, and at Michael's request, I would like to add something about the waterfight he had with Eric - he caught Eric's own water bottle and doused him with it. Quite funny. *teehee*

Picture-y goodness! ^_^

heehee... Nicole always has a camera on her and it's come in handy.
First off, here's Chase and Eric at (I think) their house, wrestling or something. Poor bear got caught in the middle of it all. ;_;
Chase is the one who looks like a vampire.
Aren't they cute. ^_^

And speaking of cute...
his arm is around someone's neck, you just can't see the other person. 'twas funny
's Michael! Isn't he just adorable.

*mutter* I will kill those who make cracks about his hair. I like his hair, okay? >_< yeesh.

hehe... *scuttles away*