August 15th, 2001



well, today was the first day of school. Wheeeeee...
I got to school and helped Nicole and Dustin find their homerooms, like a good upperclassman sister, and then I discovered my name was skipped when they grouped seniors into homeroom. They group us by last name, and the two possible homerooms for me were from something through Brass--- and Brid--- through something else... meaning "Bravo" wasn't anywhere to be found. *Twitch* fortunately, the second homeroom I went to was the right one. ^_^ After that, the day went surprisingly smoothly.
1st period - Webmastering - Oooooooh... from the looks of it, I'll be okay in this class. Seems I already know some of it, and I really wanna learn what I don't know. Should be fun.
2nd period - Band - .... it's BAND. I mean, come ON....
3rd period - English IV AP/H - all those letters after the title intimidate me slightly, but I really enjoyed the conversation I had with the teacher (for some reason, most of the other students didn't really want to talk...) and I think it'll be a pretty good year. Last year's english was more picky as far as grammar and whatnot goes - I canNOT do that stuff. I am still unable to diagram sentances. Sad, no? But themes and whatnot - I'm good at that. ^_^ yay!
4th period - Multimedia - ooooooooh, an excuse to play with Photoshop and Flash... *drool* They started us off with a lot of research into copyrights and such... and I like that. 'S nice to know people are being taught that just because it's on the 'net, it does NOT mean you may use it.
Lunch - I have B lunch, as do Nicole, Nick, Eric, Michael, Liz, Walt, Drew, and several other people I know. I shall hide from them in the band hall from here on out...
5th and 6th period - Computer Networking Technologies - again with intimidating titles. e_O; I haven't gone to this class yet, it's at the career center, so I get to go there tomorrow. Today, everyone who's gonna be there hung out in the auditorium. Was so cool! I got to talk to Greg, a fellow KeenSpacer, and a girl whose name was Lauren, I think, who is also a yaoi fan! :D yay! (I'm not alone! buahahah).
And I drew a picture, which will be posted later if I can be bothered to scan it. Right now, gotta do my Multimedia homework. *wheeeeeee!*
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I am happy and full of sammich. mmmmm, Quiznos. *munch* mmmmm, now that's good sammich. (I forgot to eat lunch at school today. 9_9 didn't have time...)