August 16th, 2001


fanart 'n such...

wow, I just went to Christine's Fanquarter page of Elfwood. *grin* 's a nice layout. I almost like it more than the traditional fantasy galleries layout - and definitely more than the icky Zone 47 one (why, oh WHY did they take away the pretty stars background? ;_; wah)
Hmmm... does art done of a friend's character, as opposed to some done for a video game character, count as fanart (and, thusly, require a fanart gallery?) I think it does... hmmmsies... I shall have to see something about that - and then see how many pictures I have of other people's characters. (I know there's a TON of Kaen, who is Michael's character.... crud-muffins. I may have to get a separate gallery for that man alone. e_e)

dum de dummm...

oh dear. I do believe I've upset Michael. 9_9
got him started on copyrights and whatnot. That boy can get worked up over the strangest things sometimes... *shrug*
*sits back to watch* He's fun when he rants. Even when he's really angry, he has an interesting sense of humor.
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