September 6th, 2001


So... sleepy...

@_@ Ugg... wanna sleep..
I barely slept for a week, then yesterday I slept and slept and slept and today I'm very tired. >_< grr. annoying.

And Kelsey called me yesterday while I was in the shower after band (I fell asleep in the shower, too... e_e;;; that's never good) and said she'd call me back in 10 minutes, but I don't know if she forgot or if my sister was just tying up the phone lines as she tends to do. e_O hmmsies.

sleep... good...
no! *smack* first football game today. Must remain awake long enough to deliver band buddy gift and get Nicole's lyre and flip folder from home because the lil twerp forgot 'em. >_< poo. I wanna sleep.
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Game numero Uno

well, we had our first game today. Emily was absent all day, so things just felt weird. Annoying and occasionally rude or no, she's a huge part of my life and thusly it flet very wrong going to a game without her. It was also a lot quieter. e_O;

Well, there was uniform chaos. I'd been helping out with the uniforms for the past two weeks (partly because in a weird way, it's fun, and partly because it gets me out of class) and of course, some of the uniforms were missing, people lost theirs or traded at the last minute, or buttons and zippers were missing, cruicial places in pants were ripped, etc. We somehow managed to overcome this with only three people lacking total uniforms. We are magical, dammit.
We got to the stadium fine and dandy, and I laughed because Michael's hair was so long he was told to put it up under his hat. Buaha.
~Insert sappy lovesick hormonal teenage girl warning here~
But I love his hair so much - it's very thick and curly and (he'll kill me if he reads this, I suppose) it's quite pretty. And it's getting to the point where soon he'll probably want to tie it back. *squealies* XD
While he doesn't seem to think he's very attractive and I suppose he's not really conventionally good-looking (something Emily never seemed to tire of pointing out last year, to my constant irritation), I really think Michael is quite handsome. ^_^ The hair really helps, oddly enough... used to be I couldn't stand long hair on guys. Now I love it.
*sigh* he's so dreeeaaaammyyy..... *big shiny eyes*
*smacks self* sorry 'bout that.
~The sappy lovesick hormonal teenage girl rant is now over. You may resume reading~
We played, we sucked on the marching field (as was expected; it's our first game and whatnot), and then we went and sat in the stands. The second half of the games, after we've marched, is without a doubt the best part. We get to relax, have a soda, take off our jackets, loosen up and chat a bit. I took my sketchbook into the stands and here's what appeared:
sadly, this is our uniform... 'cept we also wear hats.

Note the little non-band person laughing his ass off. 9_9;; And sorry 'bout the wrinkles, Andy borrowed my sketchbook (no, I'm not imagining fictional characters are real again, there's a real Andy who steals my sketchbook) and he wrinked it. >_< poo. Oh well.

On the way back to the school, I asked Michael how Emily was doing, and he said she was fine. Guess she just didn't feel like coming to school or something, since he called her in the morning as usual and she'd said she was gonna try to come. Mebbe she'll be there tomorrow. I wonder if I should get everyone in band to sign a get well card or bake her cookies or some such. *ponders*

And I wonder how Kelsey's doing. I shall scamper off to check her LJ now...


@_@ this can't be healthy...
don't eat during the day, consume random sugary junk at night...
tonight: Starbucks java chip ice cream. I've been munching for almost an hour and there's scarcely half an inch worth of ice cream missing from this quart 'o goodness. @_@ I swear, I will consume it. It may take me three weeks, but mark my words, it WILL!

heehee... mmm... coffee... @_@
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