September 10th, 2001



I HATE not making deadlines. I hate it even more than I hate deadlines themselves.

ML will not be updated tonight due to lack of markerage. Darned younger siblings. @_@ As soon as I can obtain a new marker, up the page (maybe two if I'm productive) goes.

And Elfwood is having issues. At least it's up and running. That's good. But it's not updating. And that's no good. Here's the other pic that would've shown in an EW update (the first being that MS paint thing a few posts below this):

guardian of hell, or really intense finger-painter? You decide! :D
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    the sound of my cat munching on what I hope is cat food. Or it could be the half-rotted corpses of those who opposed me. I keep them under the couch. They're starting to smell, a bit...

I STILL feel sick...

Urgh. And Urgh yet again. x_X I really thought I was gonna throw up all morning.
But here I am, at school, listening to a lecture on proper website design techniques in my webmastering class.
I have some Arizona Iced Coffee. 'tis a yummy thing. And as long as my tummy's not liking solid food (It apparently is getting me back for eating yesterday. grr), this stuff is prolly gonna provide most of my carbohydrate intake. I have low blood pressure to start with, and when it gets combined with low blood sugar, I have this disturbing tendency to black out.

So I can't sleep OR eat. Poo. I didn't sleep more than about two hours last night. But I was productive. I cleaned my bathroom. You know you're weird when you'd rather be scrubbing a toilet at 3 AM than sleeping.

Now off to find sites with good layouts. Anyone wanna suggest any? *oozes away*
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    the chatter of my webmastering class.


I still feel sick. Just thought I'd let you know. ooooog.
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    the terrible terrible screams of the dying... or maybe the guys in Comp. Networking are just bitching 'cause they can't play CounterStrike right now...

Oh no!

the man I love is on crack!

oh sweet jeebus, the man's stoned or SOMETHING
*snickers uncontrollably*

Taken by my sister at the band pool party a long time ago. I cannot help laughing every time I see it... BUAHAHAHHAHA...*snork*

yes, I love him. And yes, he really can look that goofy when he grins. I think it's cute. ^_^;
And he's probably going to gut me like a fish for posting this, but oh well... 9_9;;;
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Though I SHOULD be finishing the ML update..

I feel the need to post this. Drew it at the same time as the Makenzie's Locker splash image... during Sunday School. (my parents make me go. And to keep them quiet, I do. I enjoy bickering with the youth minister; he's a jerk.) He made the mistake of giving us crayons. He then lost my attention, as I was drawing, and lost the attention of the two girls on either side of me, as they were watching me draw. Since half the class was no longer paying attention, I don't know why he bothered...

I think it's Nede. not certain. His hair wasn't that long last time I drew him, and he was a bit more pale, but the character design has changed a bit in my head since and I think I like him like this. Though his hair is a bit more blue-ish.