September 11th, 2001



haven't been able to post... school's servers have been down.
I never realized, 'till today, during this national disaster, how many assholes fo to my school. Thousands upon thousands of people are hurt or killed, and all they care about is whther or not it means the baseball games have been canceled. I know this threat is in bad taste, but I really did want to destroy them all.
When we first heard about the planes crashing into the World Trade Centers, my first thought was "FUCK! Emily's mom!"... her mom is in New York. Emily... well... she went a little crazy when her dad died. I mean this honestly; she was not the same person at all, in part because her mom is insane and evil, but nonetheless, she lost it a little. And I honestly don't think she'd be able to cope with losing her other parent. Even though she tends to hate her mother, I doubt she'd be able to take it. But when I got to band, she said her mom had called to say she was allright, so looks like it'll be okay for Emily, at least.

I didn't express any grief or shock at school. Only anger at the assholes in my classes. But now I think I'll go work on T-893. It has a lot of terror and death and horrible things in it. I shall direct all my emotions towards that.
I wrote a story, freshman year, that started out something like this. Hopefully there will be a different ending.
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    the news is on behind me. I've been listening to it/watching it all day


Went and hung out with Kelsey. Tried sushi for the first time. Once I got over the fact that it was raw fish (and after I apologized to the fish in the tank at little Miyako, the place we went to - I swear they were giving me evil looks), 'twas yummy. But I dunno if it was a good idea to eat, since now my tummy's upset. @_@ again. But it's always upset, lately... so I guess this is nothing new. But now I'm crampy in addition, so methinks I'll be rather cranky in the next few days... e_e; ugh.
We went to Summer's house, and i finally got to meet her. ^_^ She's shibby. Uber-shibby. And she draws lovely dragons. *envy*

It was weird... just... hanging out with someone. I've never really done that before, aside from my loungin in the band hall before football games and such. Never really had a friend that I could just say "hey, wanna come over?" or who would say it to me. Was kind of awkward for me. ^_^;; not used to being social.