September 13th, 2001



Looks like I got the web design job, after all - he was just slow in replying because he had to wait to make sure everyone had replied, and then there was Tuesday's tragedy, and apparently he had family in NYC, in the towers. (He said they all made it out safely, though... good...)

But... I have a job again! In web design! :D This is the happiest I've been since... well... uh... since I had my last job. ^_^;

I'm just not happy unless I'm working. e_O how odd.

Ughhhh, stupid slow school server! >_< can't... reply... to email... I dunno if it just sent multiple mails or didn't send any, but methinks I'll try to respond again (with an apology) from my semi-decent connection at home. *grumble grumble*

on sizes of clothing and myself..

e_O this is weird.
The bra I'm wearing is... odd...
I've heard of A, B, C, D, DD, and even DDD...
but never before have I heard of ... F... 0.o I'm confused. But it fits, so I won't argue...

and I just realized that the shorts I'm wearing right now would've been two sizes too small at the beginning of the summer...


doo be doo be dooo..

response to Kelsey's survey-thing

(haha, you gotta go there to find out what I'm answering to... nyahha)

- yes
- no
- (now) ex-bf of sorts. 'twas an online thing, really... most people would say we weren't technically a couple since we never got to meet face-to-face. But it might've worked out, had I not gotten all suicidal and depressed and avoided communication for a few months... But now when I think on it, maybe we just weren't that compatible... *sigh* memories... >_<
- yes
- not really. *tries to remember* don't think so...
- um. *thinks* Mostly it was RPing, dunno if that even counts.. A few of that ex mentioned above.


so I finally got the memorial image up on KS. Now it's just a matter of time 'til 'Space decides to update ML.

*waits patiently*

I may keep the image up for a week or two. I'm not certain yet. Most certainly, it'll stay in the art archives. Which I'm also pondering reformatting; blogger is a bit... bulky. I want to do thumbnails. a normal gallery. Perhaps later.