September 14th, 2001


ugh. pep rally.

We have a pep rally today. The theme is Hawaiian. I wonder if anyone else made teh rather sickening connection between that and the fact that all week people have been comparing the WTC attack to Pearl Harbor.

Maybe it's just me.
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    they're playing "margaritaville" outside. In a school..? e_O

mmmm., Flash-y goodness... *drool*

Been playing with Flash on the school's computer. Man, I could do some serious damage with this this. *cackle*

I'd finally be able to animate smoothly... 0.0;
I'd be able to add sound..
mmmmm... animation....
gotta love it.

I would love to be able to make a short flash animation of Makenzie & company. Make 'em more real, y'know?
Or Second Arrival; that cast would be such fun... hmmmmmmm... *ponders*

*wriggle* oh how I need to get Flash. *starts saving* hehe. Mm. Yes.


lemonade-y goodness for lunch. And a jolly rancher. My Comp. Networking teacher gives us jolly ranchers when we answer questions right on the quizzes the class does together. *yum* apple... ^_^
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    Orgy - Opticon

>_< poop!

I don't wanna go to the fishmore party. (fishmore=fish+sophomore)
I have to take about nine or so people up to David's house. @_@ urk. 'cause it's a thirty-minute drive at best, and EEP!
bell rang. toodles.