September 16th, 2001



Michael read most of my "Squee" book.
And four other people wanted to borrow it after looking over his shoulder.
yesssss... more converts... *cackle*

Poo. I appear to be a relationship jinx. e_O;;;
I fucked up Michael and Emily..
now, right after I start talking to Alan (he's such a sweetheart, he's one of the clarinet section leaders. Hes' mah buddy. ^_^) on anything resembling a regular basis, he informs me that he and his best friend/sorta-not-really-girlfriend (another Michael/Emily-type quasi-relationship) sort of 'broke up'...
;_; poor guy. He told me he was really upset and sad on Friday.. but I kept talking to him and by the middle of the game today he was Alan on crack. I swear it. he kept singing the Spam song. @_@ but he calmed down by the time we got back to school. I just hope he doesn't get all depressed again.
And Chase's chances with the girl he likes appear to be ruined.
I am a relationship jinx!
... O.O
now I'm afraid to go near Kelsey or Evan....
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    news on behind me. I'm so sick of the news. So so sick. yes, it is a tragedy. Yes, I would like to hear the occasional update when there IS something to update. As is, they've been repeating the same stuff for a few hours now. *turns off the TV*


my mom didn't wake me up to go to church. ('waking me up' involves either yelling up the stairs or sending my younger siblings to jump on/poke me 'till I open my eyes and mumble something resembling "I'm awake..")

I would've thought she'd wake me. She didn't bother getting Nicole up, either... odd.
She's very religious, and I assumed she'd drag us our of bed for the first Sunday service after the WTC attack... but i guess not. e_O
oh well. gives me time to get my college essays done with. *cracks knuckles*
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    Goodbye - Michelle Branch - I gotta put on some happy music. happy essays! :D ... uh... yeah.. e_e;;

well now I'm bored. e_e;

I've checked email I've not checked in months (no new messages),
written two college application essays,
and listened to almost every mp3 I have. (and that's saying a LOT).
I'm boooored..

least I get to go with Kelsey to Ikea. ^_^ 's all good. *wriggle*
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    Celine Dion - That's The Way It Is

*waking up...*

Went with Kelsey, her mom, and Summer to Ikea. Summer and I searched for lampshades that she might properly worship. The bastards only had one!
But she got some yummy-looking chocolate, so all was good in the end. ^-^
Kelsey and her mom found some flatware and silverware for a nice price... that store is just cool
And Summer's a lot of fun. ^_^


I'm always cold - I wear my big 'ol jacket almost every day
but in here, in this room, it's always SO HOT...
and my siblings keep turning off the fan. >_

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mmm, fan is on now. They can turn it of..


Michael started up a contest on his band page to name his car.

Who's for "Shitty shitty bang bang"?

*big-ass smile* *hides from Michael*


sittin here staring at the half-sketched update for ML.
I really don't wanna do this right now.

But I will. *reluctantly sketches*
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ML's getting more readers. Time to continue with the self-pimping. Let the fanart commence...
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