September 17th, 2001


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aw, crap

I thought I was through with this insomnia shit.
maybe it's that coffee ice cream (the fact that I consume nothing but junk and yet I'm still losing weight for the first time in my life mystifies me. e_O and my pants are too baggy...)...
but usually that has no effect on me. The tiring effects of the sugar more than cancel it out..

x_X I'll just finish up the update for ML and then I'm gonna make myself lie down. I prolly won't sleep, but I guess that's okay.

and forsooth, 'tis updated.

Makenzie's Locker has now been updated. This is where the fun starts - we're past introducing everyone, and now we can get into some character development. Since no one seems to get along as they'd like, this is the fun part for me as an author. And it's some nice escapism, since I no longer really speak too much to the guy who I once thought of as my best friend and my relationship with Emily has deteriorated into nothingness (oddly enough, that no longer bothers me. It really used to get to me, but now.. feh.)
And Kelsey'll be leaving for Dallas sooner or later... I shall miss her..

so escape it is.