September 21st, 2001


ugh... and woot..

Ugh - pep rally day. >_< urk! I hate pep rallies. They screw up my schedule like none other, lemme tell ya.. no matter what, I'm almost certain to be late to Comp. Networking (since Career Center classes start earlier on pep rally days) , and today I went home and got some cans for extra credit (English teacher is nice enough to give us an extra quiz grade if we donate to the food drive..) and then went to class... since the pep rally ran long to start with, I was about 15 minutes late. Fortunately, the excuse "I'm in band" covers all, and my ass is saved. That, and my teacher's really nice. ^_^

woot - I just took another chapter test, made an 86. I really need to start reading the chapters... 9_9;;