September 22nd, 2001


nother game day...

News Items of Interest Today:

pep rally. theme: Cowboys & Indians. I wanna draw a sketch of the ML crew dressed up for the pep rally themes. I hate the things, but dammit, it's cute.

Game. Emily showed up before halftime, with a walking cast, getting around fine and dandy - bet she's glad to be rid of those crutches. And it's nice not having to see her looking so pitiful.

After the game, we went to House of Pies. (we being Myself, Nicole, Nick, Michael, Emily, Liz, Chase, Hilary, David, and Marissa). Liz, Emily, Michael, and I sat at one table, the underclassmen at another. Ours was strangely quiet.

*sigh* It would appear Michael and Emily are having issues again. Sometimes it seems like their entire relationship is one big issue in and of itself... But they were arguing like four year-olds. Seemed like whatever Michael did, Emily got mad at him for it, even well-intentioned things. And some of the things Emily did seemed to piss Michael off. And they seemed to be doing so well this time. >_<
During the car ride home (Emily refused to ride with Michael), Emily kept mentioning how I would be perfect for Michael and how he should really be with me. I muttered something about how Michael's determination that Emily was the one for him was in his head and nothing could get it out - he is stubborn. So that will never be resolved, apparently. poo.

*sigh* I'll know they're really fighting if he gets online. That means he's not on the phone with her...

Party time...

well, in 3.5 hours, anyway. 9_9

Nicole's throwing a fishmore at our house tonight. God help me. @_@
I was gonna invite Michael and Emily (well, Emily only if they had stopped fighting, since everyone gets along with Michael and no one much wants to hang around Emily...), but Michael didn't want to come. Looks like I must face the fishmore-y masses on my own. 0.0 meep.
maybe I'll take Kelsey up on that offer to go somewhere... :D

but nowhere until I fill out the accident report for when Bianca hit me. >_< urgh. Annoying.. I need to find her phone number...


Kashoku (7:46:29 PM): hola
Jenni the Odd (7:46:32 PM): hi
Kashoku (7:46:49 PM): so did you and little one hang out?
Jenni the Odd (7:47:01 PM): nope
Jenni the Odd (7:47:03 PM): ;
Jenni the Odd (7:47:07 PM): ;_;
Kashoku (7:48:06 PM): did she call you?
Jenni the Odd (7:48:19 PM): yeah; but i ws'nt there
Kashoku (7:49:45 PM): oh. I wonder where she is.
Jenni the Odd (7:50:01 PM): I've no clue... e_O hmm
Jenni the Odd (7:50:12 PM): maybe aliens abducted her! O.O
Jenni the Odd (7:50:24 PM): and she's terrorizing them even as we speak! (er... type...)
Kashoku (7:50:31 PM): I hope no anal proby.
Jenni the Odd (7:52:14 PM): eeek
Kashoku (7:53:06 PM): yesh


the fishmores are still here. ^_^
David is so cute!
hee... we need to get him a girlfriend... 9_9 y'know, if he were a couple of years older and I thought I had a chance in hell...
oh well. I'm sure we can find him a cool sophomore or freshman chicky... ^_^