September 24th, 2001



Went over to Kelsey's last night, an' we went to Planet Anime (mmmmmm, art books... *drool*) and then looked through her old sketchbooks and art journals. 'twas fun. That girl has a better grasp of perspective than I will ever have. @_@

My tummy hurts. ;_; and I have to take my car in to get an estimate from where that girl hit me... poo...
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Someone has just alerted me that ML did not update... poo, I must've uploaded the stuff after the auto-update time had passed. >_< I'll do that when I get home.

doo be doo be doo...

Michael seemed peeved at me during lunch. He wouldn't look at me, nor would he speak to me. I think it might've angered him when I wondered aloud to Liz whether he and Emily would be acting like newlyweds, divorcees, or an old married couple today. Emily told me they were divorced, permanently. Yeah, right. Then I mentioned that people used to say Michael and I fought like an old married couple and he told me to stop talking. After that he wouldn't look at me, and turned his chair so his back was to me. I get the feeling he's mad; that's what he does when he's pissed. Fortunately, as I said aloud (and I think he heard me), he's not stupid enough to simply not tell me if I made him mad. Sooner or later he'll no longer be cranky.
But Alan came in and sat next to me and he's just so much fun. Alan's completely random and he's very smart. I mentioned that I felt ill (I did; the smell of the pizza the flutes got for being section of the week made me nauseous) and he said something along the lines of "Funny how people always voice their physical complaints, but they don't say anything when something's wrong emotionally..." He's just cool like that.
After I got out of there, I went for a drive to waste time before heading to the Career Center. I LOVE this weather; I drove with the windows down and actually felt like eating. Got a hamburger from Mc Donalds (mmm, yum. 9_9), picked at it and devoured the tomato slice, and then went to class. And now I sit. Today I get an estimate on how much to fix my car....

*twiddles thumbs and pretends to be doing something*

story idea...

Been working on this one since a random thought during World History last year. It's been rather dormant. I'm thinking of bringing it back to life.

Ben and Gloria

Ben Harrison:
age: 19
Weight: 155 lbs
Hair color: black
Eye color: brown

Gloria O'Connell
age: 18
Height: 5'6''
Weight: 140
Hair color: red
Eye color: blue

::Scene 1::
Ben is asleep at his desk, on a pile of books and papers. He's obviously been studying pretty hard lately. His computer is next to him,
humming something.

The phone rings.

Jerking awake, Ben scrambles around to find the phone, failing to due to the groggy state of his mind at the moment as papers and books fly
everywhere. The answering machine gets it.

"Hi, this is Ben,
- Or Alex!
Yeah, or Alex. Anyway, we're not home right now,
- Or who knows, maybe we're trying to avoid someone we don't like!
Uh, so leave a message...
- If we don't call you back, it's you!"

"Hi, uh, Ben? It's Glori... heh... showed you, huh? I told you I wouldn't forget, hehe. Anywhom, I live over on fifteenth and Jennings road,
Evermore Apartments, number 302. Just stop by later tonight, ok? 'Round seven is good. It'll be open. Bye, Ben... I love you!"

Ben finally manages to disentangle himself from the mess on his floor. He walks to the phone, standing there looking at it for a second
before finally cracking a smile.

"She hasn't changed a bit."

::Scene 2::
"Dude, you're going OUT?" Alex jaw almost hit the floor. "With a GIRL?"

"Old friend from high school." Ben pulled on his jacket. "She called me out of the blue. Wanted to keep an old promise to me."

Alex grinned. "Oh? What kind of promise? Eh? Little Benny gonna get some?"

Ben paused for a moment. "Not likely."

ALex rolled his eyes. "You're no fun. But damn... This chick must be something. I haven't seen you leave except for class and groceries since
you got here."

Ben smiled as he opened the door. "Yeah. Yeah, she is."

::Interlude 1::

Ben is walking to Gloria's apartment, thinking to himself.

{I once told her that I didn't think I was very memorable. I said no one would remember I existed after high school. She took the bet. Bet me
twenty dollars that she would remember me. I guess I'm out twenty, then. I can live with that.}

Ben is walking through a park, it's getting dark, and the walkways are empty save for the occasional elderly couple out for a walk. It's
winter, and most of the flowers and vegetation are gone.

{She was always so happy. She couldn't understand why I wasn't, sometimes. That was before they gave me any medication. She got so upset when
I was unhappy. She was the only person who saw me cry.}

He zips his jacket as the wind picks up.

{I guess she knew what it was like, not fitting in. She wasn't really pretty or very good at anything in particular. But she didn't ignore
me, and that was something. She listened to me. Every now and then... she made me laugh. And she ended every conversation with 'I love you'.}

Ben reaches her apartments and glances up. On the third floor, there's a light on in the window.

{Here's to old times.}

::Scene 3::

Ben knocks on the door to apartment number 302 and it swings open. Inside is a blinding rush of light and color. He sniffs the air,
smelling... paint?


"Huh? Oh god, is it seven already? Crap! Hang on, I'll be right out... I'm covered in paint, gotta change."


"Have a seat. There's beer in the fridge if you want some... some soda or something, too, just look."

"Nah, I'm okay."

Ben sits down on the couch, which faces the door. There's paint spattered everywhere, the floor is covered in a large dropcloth, so is most
of the furniture. The couch is uncovered and spattered with long-dry paint.


I just got a wedding invitation.

Kara, my best friend from middle school who moved away after seventh grade (I've communicated very little with her since) is getting married..

Now THERE'S a weird feeling.

*sigh* 'nother survey...

Stolen from demonikgurl22...

I am so bored..

Full name: Jennifer Alice Bravo
Nicknames: Jenni, Gundam Bravo, Jen, Jen-NI-fer (not really a nickname, but it's how my dad pronnounces my name... spanish accent. ^_^), Jenni the Odd, Freak-goth (Emily called me that once, I made the mistake of telling some other people, it sorta stuck since they were assigning nicknames at the time), Jenni-sama (only a few annoying underclassmen call me that anymore... trying to make them stop. 9_9)
AOL Names: Gundam Bravo (I'm almost never on), Jenni the Odd
Your sign: Gemini
Birthday: 5/24
Sex: *momentary pause* female.
Where do you live: Houston, Texas. God have mercy on my widdle soul.
describe yourself: hmm. Odd. Been called that many times. Uh. I dunno. *shrug* it varies.
Straight/Gay/Bi: straight, last I checked.
Are You Short or Tall: on the tall side, I 'spose. 5'10'' or so.
Parents Names: Cesar and Robin.
Siblings: Three: sister, age 14, brother, age 12, and another sister, age 6
Pets: A kitty who I call "Cat" (I've forgotten his real name) and a very nervous hamster.

Sport to watch: I have to watch football (in marching band)... not really a fan of watching.
Color: In no particular order: black, blue, maroon, silver, forest green
Subject: I can goof off in my computer classes, but I enjoy English.
Clothes Brand: Brand? What is this of which you speak? I'm fat. *makes face* and so I wear whatever fits and isn't too expensive.
Shoe Brand: Whatever fits. I have large feet. (Call me sasquatch!)
Type of music: All sorts. What I listen to varies so much that people have defined the following categories from my winamp playlists: punk, alternative, pop, J-pop, K-pop, classical, metal, techno, and random.
Radio Station: I flip through 'em occasionally. I listen to whatever I like at the moment.
Ice Cream: peppermint. mmmmmm.....
Drink: Uh, water is good. I love lemonade. And Dr. Pepper. Mmm. and coffee-type cold drinks.
Scary Movies: Nothing really scared me. I like to make fun of the Shining with my sister...
TV Shows: Invader Zim (worship Johnen Vasquez!), the Brak show (so... damned... funny), SpaceGhost Coast to Coast (basically anything on Adult Swim), Cowboy Bebop... I don't watch much.
Movies: Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail, Snatch, Dogma, Fight Club, What Dreams May Come, the Crow, Vampire Hunter D... and lots more I've forgotten.
Food: Doesn't matter much.
Month: Anything cold.
Day(s): it varies. On non-marching weeks, tuesday (I guess it'll be thursday this year) due to anime club. On marching weeks, Mondays and Sundays.
Holiday: eh. It varies.
Lucky Number: evryone loves 69... eh.. e_O;; but I really don't have a favorite number.

Wuss: on occasion...
Class Clown: Not normally.
Goodie 2 shoes: I annoy some people. I don't drink, don't smoke, what DO I do? (wouldn't YOU like to know? ^_~)
Have a crush: oh but of course. *pause* wait... "Are you a... have a crush?" e_O weird grammatical stuff here...
Have thongs: Nope. And I'd like to keep it that way, thanks. There are some places my underwear has no business being; up my ass is one of them... (that sounds strange. Try saying it out loud. It does!)
Have any insecurities: tons. Loads. I am a walking bundle of insecurity.
Have hatred for anyone: Not to my knowledge. Emily is convinced I hate her, but I'm pretty sure I'd be aware of it if I did.

God: I plead the fifth.

Been kissed: By someone not related to me? Nope. I'm ugly and annoying, so it's not likely to happen, either.
Been in love: *sigh* yes.
Had sex: nope.
Had phone sex: hmm. define "phone sex"... probably yes.
Had cyber sex: yes.
kissed someone somewhere besides their mouth: nope.
Ever wanted sex: I'm a teenager. Hormones are a bitch. yes.
Wanted to have sex with more than one person: ehh... e_O;
Do you want to have sex right now: not particularly, no.

*Which one...
Paper or Plastic: depends.
Deaf or Blind: deaf. I could live with silence. Never without seeing.
Truth or Dare: Truth. I tell it anyway - Nothing to hide.
Night or Day: Night. Or a very dark, rainy day. I love rain.
Chocolate Chip or Oatmeal Raisin: Raisins!
MTV,VH1,BET,CMT: None of them are very entertaining... cartoons, baby!
Beach or Pool: beach. A cold, windy, stormy beach. ^_^
Cake or Pie: I dunno. Pie is just fun.
Boxers or Briefs: ? On me? or on someone else? I dunno.
Cats or Dogs: Either. Both!
Sex, Drugs, or Rock & Roll: Eh, let's go with Rock & Roll.
Love or Lust: Bit of both, preferably. But if I gotta pick, most definitely love.
Pancakes or French Toast: Toast is more fun to say.
Bitter or Sweet: it depends on my mood.
Silver or Gold: Silver, definitely.
Smoker or Non-Smoker: Non. ick. e_O
Diamonds or Pearls: I dunno, it'd depend. small diamonds can be very pretty, but so can pearls. I'm not much of a jewelry person...
Taco or Burrito: depends
Complex or Simple: Complex. @_@
Armageddon or Independence Day: I dunno.
Lefty or Righty: righty
Batman or Superman: na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-BATMAN!
Coke or Pepsi: Dr. Pepper. Or Pepsi.
Nacho Cheese or Cool Ranch: Nacho cheese! with milk. Mmm.
Pencils or Pens: both. Lately, pens.
Sunset or Sunrise: Sunset
Sun or Moon: Moon
Crushed or Cubed: don't matter.
Showers or Baths: I'm a shower person. My hair would float up and strangle me in a bath. @_@
Ketchup or Mustard: ketchup, I guess...
Do you like school: blech. The social stuff sucks (I don't like people. Is that a problem for you?), but my classes this year are okay.
Do you like to talk on the telephone: no, Im not used to it and it's unsettling for me.
Do you have your own line: Why? I get one or two calls a year (Kelsey has tripled that number; my sister was shocked. The phone is her territory)
Do you like to dance: not really. Get me really hyper and we'll see.
Are you scared to knock someone out: would depend on the reason.
Have you ever gone skinny dipping: nope.
Have you ever thought you were gonna die? a few times.
Do you sleep with stuffed animals: No, though sometimes I forget to toss Mr. Bear off the bed before I snooze.
Have you ever broken/fractured a bone: Not to my knowledge. (I have this disconcerting tendency to ignore most pain... I ignored a nail in my foot for a few hours, ignored glass in my hand...)
Do you have any piercings: one in each ear. Beyond that, I don't think I need anymore holes in my head.
Are you a good listener: ... I'm sorry, did you say something? Actually, I've been told I am.
can you swim: yes.
Do you sing in the shower: On occasion. Not normally.
Do you think cheerleading is a sport: If cheerleading is a sport, so is marching band, dammit.
Do you have a tattoo: Noppers.
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hey, I forgot we had mirrors...

I have a waist! e-O
who knew...

(okay, yeah, I'm fat, and always my sides kinda just went straight down. I lost a bit of weight and I have a waist of some sort again. And hips. huzZAH.)

You know what this means, dontcha?

that's right. I will continue to wear my big jackets that hide any sort of body shape whatsoever. :D hehe.


I am royally pissed now. I had a damn good oekaki picture going, I was ALMOST done, and the browser window closes for NO REASON.