September 27th, 2001



I don't feel well. Was all headache-y and dizzy during lunch... made the mistake of trying to eat something, now I'm all ill...
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    Mariah Carey - Honey

yay... and oog... yeep

yay... I can go to Kelsey's party...

oog, I still don't feel well. Damn you, stomach, there's no reason to be acting all sicky. >_<

and yeep, I am the worst procrastinator in the world - still can't decide what to get Kelsey for her birthday.
Last I checked, none of the strip joints in town had any Kenshin look-alikes... (and that might peeve Evan just a wee bit... *snicker*) so... I gotta find something. *plots*


I can't sleep. x_X All I wanted was to go home and sleep all day 'cause I was tired... and now I can't sleep... urgh.