September 28th, 2001



drew two oekaki pics...
annoyed Michael for a while...
and now I am bored. x_X and I need to figure out what to get Kelsey. ARGH! @_@ *thinks* *thinks for a long time* *head starts to hurt* *OH GOD, IT BURNS!*

*uh... goes back to bed......*


passed the test (that does it, from now on I study for Comp Networking!), gonna go drop off stuff so someone can make Nicole's marching uniform jacket, then I'm gonna go find Kelsey a kickass birthday present. :D
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    Reel Big Fish - Brand New Song

Things to do (after the par-tay!)

- work on ML update (need... new.. art...)
- ponder joining the Fright Night thingy... hmmsies
- check on whether or not Makenzie's Locker counts as shoujo in the eyes of whoever's running the dropdown. ^_^;; (KS message board)

yeah, this is really just a desperate attempt to keep from forgetting to check those sites... 9_9 sad, this memory of mine.

What was I saying? @_@