September 30th, 2001



I just did something rather stupid.
I went "y'know, I'm kinda hungry."
Now this is where I made my mistake. I should have realized by now that my stomach is a sneaky thing, and why should it suddenly be hungry when it's been sicky and not-hungry for several days? Hmm?
So I ate something.
And now my stomach is cackling evilly at me and feeling all icky.

I miss being able to eat.
I also miss being able to sleep normally. @_@

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Went to TAS today. Someone mentioned that no one brought bagels on Sundays anymore. See, no one but me really liked working on Sundays, and for me it was mostly 'cause I just plain liked working. So I used to bring bagels for everyone. Fed employees are happy employees. Well, apparently since I left, no one brings 'em. So I brought 'em some bagels. 9_9;; They enjoyed it muchly. Then I got a new cool gray 20% and a new 70%, since they were drying out and I needed 'em to do the comic update. No T-squares, though, so looks like this one'll be put together on the computer as well... e_e;;

hee... my brother just found a turtle (our whole family has a tendancy to locate critters in the backyard. I spent most of my childhood wondering why my aunt Claudina wasn't so thrilled with the lizards and frogs I presented her with...) and it's wandering around the room at the moment. e_O

someone help me!

What should Makenzie dress as for halloween?

so far suggestions I like include:
20's flapper girl
half angel/half demoness
someone suggest something!
Karen is a catgirl, Matt is Kenshin, and Jared is Zorro. (hee).

anyone? anyone?


Michael was finally bothered to put up a user icon. It's a picture of him looking all funny. And it hair is wet. And longer. (he cut it! *sob*) The picture is very cute. ^_^
e_O On a random note, maybe someday he will add me to his "friends" list on LJ... 9_9

I am quite pissed right now. I need to keep the lights off so my brother can go to sleep (I'll turn 'em back on so I can work once he's out cold). But I hate doing the comic in pieces like this. ARGH. It's frustrating. And Keenspace won't let me FTP. DAMMIT! how can I update ML if I can't FTP... *grumble* *bitch*

And my stomach hurts. @_@ My mom kept making me eat all day long (I think she suspects I'm anorexic or something equally ridiculous)... Every time she saw me, she handed me something and wouldn't leave me alone until I'd eaten it. (fortunately for me, I rarely see her) e_O; And since I believe I've discussed my stomach's dislike for food of any sort... ugh. I feel icky. But oh how I hate throwing up. It hurts my throat. >_< So I just sit here and digest. urrrrk. Tummy hurts. x_X
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I love talking to Michael. he's online for the first time in a long while (and HE actually messaged ME... e_O ), which is nice because, as I said, I love talking to him..
but it's not good in the sense that if he's online, it means he's not talking to Emily.

I worry about them. Both individually and as a pair. Now I'm beginning to think there might not be much hope for them as a couple. That's really sad though, because as I said, Emily is a notorious asshole magnet. Michael would've been really good for her. And if she could make him happy... I sometimes doubt that she could, but if she tried, I bet it'd be possible. But I worry about her because she has all this shit going on in her life. I worry about other people a lot. It never does any good, but I do. I remember when her dad died... I'd only met the man once, and I was a wreck at home, at night. I would cry and ask god why... I hated god for taking her dad from her.
But I digress. yeah. Um. I worry.
Lately, on top of the usual worry over Emily, I've been worried about Michael. He described it as an increasing sense of apathy, anger, and cynicism. I've just noticed he's been sleepy a lot and I've not seen him eat much lately. I asked him about it, but he says he's eating fine and he tells me he got somewhere around 20 hours of sleep this weekend (lucky sonuva...) so I guess there's no reason to fret over that. I wonder what's causing the increased cynicism (etc). I doubt I'll find out anytime soon, if ever, but still.