October 5th, 2001


What the hell am I doing?

Is my head broken? >_<
I have this sudden, inexplicable urge to sign up for another keenspace account and get another comic up and running.

I know I hate deadlines.
I know I won't be able to do it at the quality level I'll want.
I know no one'll read it anyway.

But I wanna... ;_; this is doubleplusungood, folks...

though I reeeeally wanna work on Lotoae and Second Arrival.
And Heartbreak High. And When Angels Fall...
This be not good. @_@

Must.... stop... self... from... clicking....



hbh.keenspace.com, coming soon to a computer near you...


pep rally day. @_@ theme this week: "Nerd"... Nicole dressed as me. All-black, fishnet, bag 'o stuff (including a book on computers and the T-square I've been looking for for two weeks... *grumble*)


(no subject)

This feels odd. Got out of Career Center 45 minutes early due to pep rally scheduling weirdness. Went home to get pants, since it's raining and we might march in pants/band shirts... I no longer own a pair of jeans that do not fall off me. @_@ not a good thing. It also feels weird because the pants I'm wearing now are the same size as the ones my sister wears; 'cept mine are tall and hers are regular. Again with the oddness. That's four sizes smaller than at the beginning of the summer. e_O;; yeeeesh...

By the end of the year I'll waste away, nothing left.. hehe... yeah, right.

random note: Michael posted some poetry in his journal... I forget what a good writer he is, sometimes; it comes from the fact that he's that eloquent most of the time and I just get used to it. It's also been a long while since I've seen any of his poetry... I doubt he stopped writing, I think he just stopped showing me. ^_^ I would respond to his post, but I always feel iffy commenting on poetry. Someone described me as a writer who uses emotions more than just words... perhaps that's why I feel uncomfortable with poetry. It's too personal. For me, at least... hmm.