October 6th, 2001



today's game was quite a bit more fun than I thought it'd be.
At first, before the game, I was feeling antisocial.. didn't want to talk to anyone, took off my glasses so I was wandering around in the rain with my eyes unfocused so that I couldn't really look at anyone... I was not in a good mood. Emily and Michael appear to have had another fight... I was just pissed at her... just general pissiness... so I sat in the middle of the bus while she sat in back. Michael sat two seats in front of me, with Liz between us and David on my left. It was a pretty uneventful bus ride to Thorne (about an hour or so of driving time), and I just sorta sat there. When we got to the stadium, it began to rain. It continued to do so until the second quarter, when it really began to storm, what with lightning and thunder, so they decided we should head home. By this time I was in a much better mood. I mean, who wouldn't be - thunderstorms and leaving early...
Once on the bus, we were chatting and looking outside at the darkening sky. I asked people what their regrets would be if by some freakish accident we were to die on the bus ride home. Seems "going to the game" would be the general sentiment...
When we got moving, things got interesting. Now, I can be very perverted sometimes. VERY. So when at some point, David was threatening to do horrible things to me (killing me in interesting ways was his intent, methinks)...
David: I'm going to tie you up...
Me: oooh, kinky. ^_^
we cracked up. He muttered something about cutting me up, then the next thing anyone heard clearly was :
David: And I'm going to eat you. Very very slowly, and I -
Me: ooh, ya promise? ^_~
After that, he was laughing too hard to really continue. hehe.
After that, I just did the usual, telling Michael I loved him since the bus was weaving from side to side a bit and the windows were fogged, preventing any sort of clear vision... And dammit, if I was gonna die in a fiery ball of Bus Death, I was not gonna do so without first reminding him that I love him. ^_^
Once it became a little more clear that the firey Bus Death was not in store for us, we just became weird. I threatened Michael with cheap sweaty sex if he wouldn't go bowling with us... then I offered to change it from a threat to a promise, but he agreed it'd have little effect. I hit on that poor boy relentlessly all night. *snicker* he says I was looking at him while I said a lot of stuff, but I had my glasses off, so I couldn't really see him... bauhah.. unnerved him a bit, though.
He decided not to go bowling after all, and so I asked Nicole if she wanted to. She didn't... but then somehow we wound up going to Pappy's with Alan and Drew, his younger brother. Chase looked down, so I dragged him along. Well, Pappy's closes at 10. We got there at 10:13. poo. So we drove around and went to Pappa's Burgers, I think... good place... cute waiters. ^_^ they were cool. And so we all sat, we learned things about Alan and Drew that we would NEVER have suspected, and we all laughed so hard we almost choked to death. Chase laughed 'til he cried and drank two glasses of root beer, which makes him absolutely insane, so the ride home was fun. I don't think I've enjoyed myself as much as I did on the bus and after the game in a loooong time... hehe...

Also, I've eaten a sandwhich and some quesadillas today, and I have yet to feel really ill. :D joy!

been plaing MASH some more...

You live in a Mansion.
You're married to Michael.
You drive a Blazer.
Your car is the color White.
You live in the state Colorado.
Your honeymoon is Ireland.
Your occupation is a Design.
You have this many kids: 3 (1 male; 2 female).

You live in a Shack.
You're married to Michael.
You drive a Blazer.
Your car is the color White.
You live in the state California.
Your honeymoon is Japan.
Your occupation is a Artist.
You have this many kids: 2 (0 male; 2 female).

e_O anyone else noticing a pattern here? *pokes Michael* *snork*


Jenni the Odd: ugh... I know this is going to come out all wrong...

but I've been hoping this would happen, or something like this. God, that does sound awful. Not because of the whole "I-could-treat-him-so-much-better" issue, either... But it was very, very plain that there was something terribly wrong with the relationship itself. Something isn't right when she insults you to your face and behind your back and waves it away by saying you have an 'understanding'. No. Fuck, NO. And we could see it. Even Liz noticed that you did not look exactly happy. What frustrated me most was that I was never sure what was going on. All I knew was that I saw you and you didn't look like everything was fine and dandy, and she very obviously didn't care.
NeonSeraphim: l
NeonSeraphim: Actually that came out right
Jenni the Odd: heh...

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woke up at 11:30... haven't done that since... wow, I can't remember. @_@

I blame Michael. We were up 'til 5. ^_^; But then I had to make myself sleep more than a few hours... guess I wasn't very tired.


I can go to the Taiko drum festival with Kelsey! :D

Hey... wonder if we could drag Michael along... *ponders* I'll wait an hour or so before calling him... let him sleep a bit. (he sleeps about twice as much as I do. 9_9)